Master Lock Adjustable Cable Lockout

$47.98 /
  • Brand: Master Lock Co.
  • Delta Last Modified: 1/26/2022 4:18:00 PM
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  • Lockout and valve cover type: Cable lockout device
  • Material: Thermoplastic and steel
  • Max number of padlock: 4
  • Product Type: Lockout devices and bolt covers
Integrated safety lockout hasp and cable is ideal for multiple circuit breaker panels and side-by-side gate valve lockouts
Tough, flexible multi-stranded steel cable is insulated with a clear plastic coating (PVC free)
Feed the cable end through the points to be locked out, then back through the lockout body
Cinch it tight to remove any slack with the patented locking feature
Tough, lightweight thermoplastic body withstands chemicals
Performs effectively in extreme conditions
Not Keyed
Includes high-visibility, write-on safety labels in English, Spanish and French