ALTAIR 4X : the most robust and performing multigas detector on the market

ALTAIR 4X : the most robust and performing multigas detector on the market

2/7/2017 - SPI

A confined space is an environment favourable to the rapid increase of contaminants or the reduction of oxygen. In these situations, and any other where certain noxious gases can accumulate, a reliable gas detector such as the ALTAIR 4X will greatly reduce the risks of intoxication. Compact and lightweight, the multiple gas detector ALTAIR 4X is the most robust and performing on the market.

Its use in industrial environments represents a major asset to ensure the safety of employees. It makes safety controls easier in order to anticipate gas emissions in enclosed areas such as warehouses, plants, refineries or any other types of spaces in contact with hazardous gases. Sturdy and rugged, this gas detector displays the lower explosivity limits (LEL), the carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen levels.

A multiple gas detector designed to last

With its IP 67 waterproof and dustproof rubber housing, the ALTAIR 4X multigas detector for combustible gases, CO, H2S and O2 offers unmatched durability. This genuine all-terrain detector is equipped with large buttons for easy selection when wearing gloves and has a high-contrast screen for improved legibility in low-light conditions. Also, the exclusive XCell sensors provide an average service life of 4 years, which is twice what is offered on the market.

High-performance gas detection

For designing the XCell sensors, electronic control elements have been miniaturized and placed inside the sensors, providing increased stability, accuracy and repeatability. These sensors also offer an extremely rapid response and calibration time, thereby saving time and maintenance fees. The quicker response time helps gain precious seconds and potentially saves lives.

Exclusive features

The ALTAIR 4X contains exclusive alarm functions emitting a distress signal to indicate that the user has become immobile for 30 seconds, and alert others nearby of potentially dangerous situations.

Ultra-bright LEDs will guide you in the darkest places and will light up automatically in case of emergency. The liquid crystal screen on the detector indicates the battery charge status of the battery with an autonomy of 24 hours. Just beside the battery level, an indicator also signals the end of a dangerous situation. The detector has a USB port and dedicated software allowing the download and upload of the saved data in record time.

The ALTAIR 4X multigas detector provides all the features required for contaminant detection. Greatly minimizes the risks related to the emissions and leaks of hazardous gases.