The Kosto Winter Difference

The Kosto Winter Difference


Canadian winters can be hard on workers. That’s why it is essential to wear the proper winter protective clothing! However, you must first select winter-ready workwear for our climate.

And Kosto understands your situation!

Some Kosto winter clothes are tested according to the ASTM F2732 standard assessing cold weather protection. That way, you will benefit from warm and efficient gear.

Let’s take a closer look at the Kosto winter collection, efficient winter workwear for the harshest weather.

It’s no secret that the higher the quality of the material, the more optimized the product efficiency. As for the materials used in developing winter workwear, they are specially designed to provide cold resistance and conserve body heat.

A diamond-quilted inner lining made of 100% polyester is a proof of quality and resistance against the cold. As for the outer layer, heat-sealed seams increase the impermeability and thermal protection of winter workwear.

The Kosto winter collection complies with strict rules concerning thermal insulation quality. As mentioned above, some Kosto winter work coats passed the ASTM F2732 standard test.

In this test, the work coat is on a thermal manikin capable of detecting and analyzing the cold resistance offered by the workwear. The manikin evaluates the heat and humidity management of the work coat, and to do so, it is placed in a temperature-controlled room.

The calculation of temperature ratings is done according to the different tests found in the standard. The results obtained will be converted to Celsius for a more practical reading to help determine which work coat best suits your needs.

For example, the VMK720 work jacket has been tested in accordance with the ASTM F2732 standard and can keep you warm and comfortable from down to -24°C.

Although quality significantly impacts the cold resistance offered by winter workwear, a multi-layer system may be necessary. It allows increased warmth with improved conservation and optimized comfort. In addition, a good management of the multi-layer system keeps you cool while wicking away humidity.

To learn more about the advantages of the multi-layer system, click here.

Important Components
The right workwear can help lower of risks of hypothermia and frostbite. If you are exposed to temperatures lower than 4°C, don’t take any risks and wear cold resistant clothing.

The material of the winter workwear’s outer layer must provide rain and slow resistance (waterproof). It must also protect from the wind which can be very cold in winter. A polyurethane coating is perfect for this type of protection.

The part of the workwear directly against your skin can wick away humidity to help you stay dry. If this layer becomes wet, your body will struggle to maintain its temperature.

A good lining to increase warmth is imperative. Also, reflective tape can become essential when working in a dark environment. Therefore, ensure your winter clothing complies with a high-visibility certification such as CSA Z96-15.

As discussed earlier, a multi-layer system is vital for warmth management in winter. That’s why Kosto offers the 5-in-1 work jacket. That way, you can increase or reduce the warmth level you need according to the temperature.

And don’t forget your feet! We have written an article to answer all your questions when the temperature changes 👉 https://www.spi.com/en/blog/foot-protection/seasons-are-changing-so-are-your-boots

Quick tips to work safety this winter

  • Take breaks to warm up
  • Maintain a work pace that doesn’t make you sweat
  • Take into account the weight of your workwear
  • Reduce opportunities where the worker is immobile or sitting
  • Train workers so they can apply safe work practices
  • Always monitor temperature variations

We now live in a world where product delivery can be a long process. So to make sure you receive your winter clothing before the first snowstorm, Kosto is the solution.

Our winter workwear are already in stock and ready to deliver!

And never forget your hands and your head!