The advantages of neoprene-coated fabrics

The advantages of neoprene-coated fabrics

9/24/2019 - SPI

In an industrial setting, it is crucial to choose the right fabric for protective clothing and other items of apparel. The material has to meet, or even exceed, existing performance requirements. That’s exactly what NatPro offers with its protective-barrier fabrics.

These fabrics, impregnated with protective barriers, coated with neoprene, PVC or rubber, or lined with polyurethane, provide protection suitable for the various typical applications in industrial sectors.


STEDPRENE barriers are made using a special neoprene formulation that protects against chemical penetration and hydrocarbon contamination.

These products have many advantages. In addition to keeping the fabric supple and waterproof, they make protective clothing and other items of apparel more resistant to factors such as abrasion, degradation by UV rays, aggressive chemical agents and combustion.

These textiles are especially effective in the food and mining industries because of their barrier that is resistant to food industry by-products, fat and fuels.


In industries where workers have to protect themselves against intense heat and dangerous fumes, STEDFAST BLACK DIAMOND® rubberized protective fabrics are particularly recommended. Incorporating a neoprene coating that offers total protection against extreme weather, UV rays, hydrocarbons and chemical exposure, BLACK DIAMOND® is technologically designed to provide maximum protection for users.

This fabric is especially appreciated by users because it is flexible, durable, waterproof and washable.


You can purchase NATPRO’s raincoat and bib pants here . NatPro also makes custom clothing and their patternmaker can design personalized items to meet all your specific needs. For further information, please complete the form. A representative will get in touch with you.