Maintaining hard hat performance

Maintaining hard hat performance


On a construction site, your workers are constantly exposed to falling objects, materials moving at high speed as well as risks coming from working in vulnerable positions. Head protection is not a choice; it’s a necessity.

Serious consequences

The best-known traumatism is the concussion. When a back and forth motion is provoked by violent impact, the brain is shaken inside the skull and can knock against the bone. This shock may result in loss of consciousness. Above all, the injured worker may experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting or loss of balance. These symptoms may persist for weeks. Look at all those sport stars like the hockey player Sidney Crosby for whom the return on the rink after a concussion was done very gradually.

Also, we must not forget about contusions, lacerations and fractures that are also possible. Our head is fragile, and we must do our best to protect it.

A hard hat suitable for your work environment

A hard hat reduces the impact intensity and distributes the pressure over a larger surface of the skull. It also has a suspension system that absorbs the impact and keeps a space between the head and the shell. The greater the space, the more your employee is protected. That is why adjustment is essential.

To select the right hard hat, think about the risks in the workplace. The CSA Standard Z94.1-05 differentiates type 1 hard hats (protection of the crown of the head) from type 2 hard hats (protection of the crown and sides of the head). The type 1 protection is enough only when proven there is no risk of lateral impact.

Even better, to be on the safe side, the trend is to use adhesive reflective tape. By sticking reflective tape on the hard hat (or any other piece of equipment), the worker increases the probability to be seen on time, especially if he works in the dark.

Ensure its good condition

For maximum effectiveness, the hard hat must be free of defects. Daily inspection is required to ensure there is no sign of damage.

In addition to regular cleaning, make sure your employees understand to check the shell (outer part) and replace it without delay if there are signs of wear. There is no chance to take with aging hard hats!

And what about customization?

When you need to provide your workers with new hard hats, don’t miss this opportunity! An increasing number of companies decide to affix their logo and use hard hats as a tool to convey their branding.

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