Focus on Safety with the Ansell Guardian Program

Focus on Safety with the Ansell Guardian Program


Since its launch, the Ansell Guardian program has been committed to helping companies choose the best protective equipment to tackle the risks their employees face on the job.

The goal of the program: increase employee safety and productivity, eliminate complexities, and reduce your costs.

Developing an effective safety plan is essential for your colleagues' health and the long-term success of your company. If you must choose personal protective equipment (PPE), your employees' safety is your number one priority. Selecting the right equipment can lead to greater productivity, increased performance, and reduced costs.

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Ansell's specialists use a customized approach to assess the use of your PPE, make appropriate recommendations and train your employees on how to use it properly. The program consists of eight steps:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Data collectionField needs assessment
  3. Preliminary report
  4. Testing and validation
  5. Planning and implementation
  6. Training
  7. Continuous improvement

And which has four essential components:

1. Equipment selection

Ansell Guardian's product line is designed to maximize the performance of your protective equipment and reduce costs. Specialists take into account your reality, tasks, and environment to offer products that meet your needs in terms of durability and protection.

The steps in the program process allow for testing and feedback to support you in making an informed decision. You can then place your order online or with one of our product experts.

2. Guaranteed compliance

Have you experienced higher than usual injury or recordable incident rates? If so, the source of the problem often needs to be addressed.

Ansell's experts can limit risks by understanding where they come from, when they start and how they happen.

They combine this analysis with their expertise to provide you with a customized report that will meet your industry's safety and regulatory requirements.

3. Are you exposed to chemicals?

The program has a specific section for all organizations that face chemical exposures.

During the client assessment, the specialist considers the chemicals used by your teams to make specific PPE recommendations and procedures to follow.

This allows us to provide employees not only with the appropriate protective tools but also with the proper training that will meet your needs.

4. Trust the experts

Ansell's specialists are dedicated to delivering optimal solutions and successfully implementing change.

Since 2010, they have conducted more than 15,000 assessments across 100 countries to save customers more than $148 million. These savings are also reflected in the reduction of injuries by more than 65% and product optimization by 25%.

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