Hearing Protection

  • SPI5/2/2024

    How Many Decibels is Really Safe at Work?

    Our sense of hearing is a window to the world, enriching our lives and keeping us safe. Yet, in today's industrial and technological landscape, constant exposure to loud noises poses a significant threat to this precious sense.

  • SPI8/14/2023

    Why is hearing fit testing so important?

    Have you ever wondered whether you should perform a hearing fit test? Whatever the answer, the important thing is to know the benefits of wearing the adequate protection.

  • 6/13/2023

    How to protect your ears at work?

    Life is filled with such beautiful sounds. Birds singing, melodies played on a piano or the enchanting silence of the forest. It would be a shame to lose all these beautiful sensations by simply neglecting your hearing at work. 

  • SPI6/10/2022

    The negative impact of noise exposure: beyond hearing loss

    Despite decades of regulations, noise-induced hearing loss continues to be one of the most prevalent workplace injuries in many industries.  While damage to hearing is the well-known result of overexposure to hazardous noise, there are a number of other physiologic and behavioral effects of hazardous noise.  In this interview with Brad Witt, audiologist and Director of Hearing Conservation at Honeywell Safety Products, we discuss some of those other effects, their causes and solutions.

  • SPI2/7/2022

    Do you know about the new regulation on noise exposure at work?

    Noise at work is a problem affecting a large number of workers. For example, in 2019 in Canada, 5,525 work accidents were caused by noise exposure. In addition, noise exposure can have other adverse side effects on the workers’ health, such as fatigue, irritability, stress, isolation and depression. Prolonged exposure can also affect the hearing ability of the worker by causing deafness.

  • SPI5/27/2021

    [Webinar Q&A] Communication at a Distance

    In our recent webinar, Remote Communication: Hearing Protection Solutions, we were very fortunate to have a hearing protection expert from 3M to cover a timely topic: audibility and communication considerations during a pandemic.

  • SPI12/10/2020

    Your Questions on Hearing Protection Answered

    Do you work in a noisy environment? If so, you probably have some questions about hearing protection, standards, and requirements. The good news is… our hearing protection experts are here to give you the right answer.

  • SPI11/6/2020

    Understanding Hearing Protection Devices Labels

    To help us select hearing protection devices (HPDs) that suit our needs, there is a variety of simplified attenuation ratings that informs you of the device’s capacity to protect your ears against hazardous noises.

  • SPI10/9/2020

    All About Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

    The danger of exposure to high noise levels is real. If you find yourself in a noisy environment, you can take the right measures to protect your hearing.

  • SPI8/8/2019

    How to develop an effective hearing conservation program (HCP)

    Our sense of hearing is at the core of how we communicate and experience the world, how we stay aware of our surroundings and thus, remain safe. When hearing loss becomes an all-too-common reality and has long-term and irreversible impacts on individuals, organizations must step in and take preventative action.

  • SPI8/2/2016

    Beware of excessive noise exposure!

    Workers can be subjected to extreme noise volumes in several types of industries, and excessive exposure can have many adverse impacts on their health. In several cases, the effects are irreversible.

  • SPI2/27/2015

    Occupational deafness: alarming

    Many have seen their hearing deteriorating. Others are unable to work anymore. It is time to curb the problem, and you are part of the solution.