5 key criteria for winter hand protection

5 key criteria for winter hand protection

8/2/2022 - SPI

Snow, wind, ice pellets and freezing rain are all weather conditions threatening the hands of workers in winter.

Fortunately, it is now possible to rely on a wide selection of protective gloves designed to improve comfort, even in very cold temperatures. Still, it’s about making the right choice!

Here are 5 criteria to be considered for protecting the hands of your workers in winter.

  1. Protect yourself against humidity by choosing a waterproof and breathable glove
  2. Choose the right materials such as a multi-layer fabric
  3. Select the right size by measuring your hand width
  4. Adapt to outdoor conditions to keep warm as long as possible
  5. Choose your gloves according to the work to be done

To see a detailed infographic of these tips, it's right here!