Honeywell UVEX HydroShield® Anti-Fog: The Clear Choice for Safety Eyewear

Honeywell UVEX HydroShield® Anti-Fog: The Clear Choice for Safety Eyewear


Fog is the #1 challenge faced by safety eyewear users. Productivity and safety are at risk when a worker’s view is obstructed due to condensation buildup on their lenses. Learn how the Honeywell UVEX HydroShield® eyewear offers innovative technology with a consistent, long-lasting, distortion-free view.

When selecting the proper eyewear for your employees, every aspect of their daily tasks should be considered. Surrounding hazards, potential risks, comfort and the environment are all elements that must be factored in to ensure their safety and continued productivity. 

According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists , nearly 700 Canadians sustain work-related eye injuries each day that cause lost productivity and temporary or permanent vision loss. And although it is well-known that 90% of eye injuries can be prevented by wearing the proper safety glasses, if the lenses fog up, the worker doesn’t have many choices.   

Faced with either reduced visibility, leading to the possibility of an accident or the need to remove the eyewear, which exposes their eyes to potential hazards, workers are left in the dark if they aren’t provided with quality anti-fog safety glasses as part of their PPE.  

In fact, fogged eyewear is the most prevalent cause of noncompliance among employees when wearing and keeping safety glasses on while working.

Thus, offering your employees a long-lasting, consistently fog-free safety lens that can be worn throughout multiple shifts is key in combating the statistics attached to eye injuries and lost productivity in the workplace. 

The Honeywell UVEX HydroShield Anti-Fog line of safety eyewear is manufactured meticulously with advanced technology that eliminates the #1 challenge faced by safety eyewear users. The revolutionary coating offers dual action hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties that keep the lenses fog-free 90X longer than most other anti-fog products.

Because the specialized coating is permanently baked into the lens, it works by first absorbing moisture, then repelling excess water away, allowing for a long-lasting, consistent, distortion-free view, which is vital for the health of your employees and your business. It also delivers 2X greater scratch resistance than competitive anti-fog lenses, extending the lens life of the eyewear. 

What is OTG?

OTGs are safety glasses worn over corrective eyewear, providing eye protection while allowing the wearer to keep their corrective eyewear on.

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Available in over 12 styles and almost 150 SKUs, including safety glasses, sealed eyewear, goggles and OTGs that meet the CSA Z94.3 standards, this innovative fog-free safety lens is a clear choice for all of your eyewear needs.

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