The F70 Series: Comfort and Protection Against Electric Arcs

The F70 Series: Comfort and Protection Against Electric Arcs


Regardless of the location or job type, workers’ safety is Kosto’s top priority. For that reason, the brand is proud to launch its brand-new collection of electric arc clothing: the F70 Series.

The coverall VCKF70 and the coat VMKF70 and pants VPKF70 suit are the perfect solution when working in an environment presenting a risk of electric arcs. Also, this range of high-quality garments offers protection against many different risks.



Certified to NFPA 70E performance specifications, this collection offers flame and electric arc resistance. Composed of 99% fire-resistant canvas, never worry again about flash fires when wearing this garment.

This collection is certified for ASTM F1506 (ASTM F1959), providing protection against electric arcs with a category 4 ATPV 40Cal/cm² level and protection against flash fires caused by hydrocarbons according to the specifications of CAN/CGSB-155.20-2017.

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Winter conditions were also considered when designing the final product. The garment is composed of 100% flame-resistant cotton with integrated insulation to protect the user from the cold at a temperature as low as -20°C. (Tested to ASTM F2732 standard.)


Winter can also bring visibility issues. Confronted with this problem, Kosto added FR K-Brite reflective tapes to the clothing to increase workers’ safety in low lighting conditions.

The reflective tapes integrated into F70 garments also complies with CSA Z96-22 standards to guarantee its effectiveness.


F70 clothing is also adapted to the reality of Canadian workers. Designed and tested in Canada, this collection protects efficiently against multiple risks associated with the temperature and winder conditions.

With the F70 Series, be assured of a protection level that meets your expectations against electric arcs and flash fires while offering protection in harsh and cold weather conditions.


Protecting you against as many hazards as you might face on the job, F70 clothing is the right choice for you, whatever your industry.

They are, however, particularly popular and recommended for the construction, manufacturing, mining and professional sectors.

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