Electrical Safety

  • SPI4/2/2024

    The best flame resistant (FR) garment industry practices

    When thinking about employee safety, there is several options. Here are some of the industry best practices with FR garments:

  • SPI10/1/2022

    Top 3 Risks When Working on Energized Equipment

    When working with electricity, no hazard should be overlooked. According to specialists, there is no situation where electricity represents a lesser risk for workers. If the power is on, there is danger. The best protection against the risk of electric shock is to turn the power off before starting the task. It doesn’t take much to cause an accident.

  • SPI11/28/2018

    Determine the right arc flash protective clothing for each application

    The risk of electric explosion and arc flash injuries is high, from superficial burns to fatalities. The leading causes of occupational accidents are the deficient maintenance and inspection of installations as well as unsafe practices of employees due to inadequate training.

  • SPI10/28/2015

    Mining: gas detection and the new standards on No2 exposure

    The use of flame-resistant clothing is an essential safety measure for working in environments presenting a risk of electric arc or flash fire. Arc-rated textile materials can reduce the risks of burns during momentary electric arcs by playing the part of a thermal shield between the arc and the user. Therefore, to maximize protection, it is crucial to understand the best practices to launch and support this type of workplace safety program focusing on protective clothing against electrical hazards, including why you should specify the type of material required before choosing the clothing supplier.