Lockut Tagout Training

Lockout Tagout Training: Writing a Lockout Procedure

Course Description and Goals

This lockout training is designed for workers involved in risk analysis and in creating lockout/tagout procedures.

This two-day lockout training course allows participants to identify hazardous energy sources and define lockout actions that control these energy sources.

They will also learn how to apply an efficient methodology to identify and control energies (preliminary analysis, entry, validation and approval), use the necessary tools to draft a procedure and monitor such a project.

The training includes a theoretical segment and numerous practical exercises. Most of the course takes place on-site.

Did you know? It's important to have a software program to manage lockout procedures. Ask for a demonstration of our Actions Préventives web platform.


This course is delivered to meet federal or provincial regulatory requirements and options for MOL and ESC-approved courses.

A certificate will be issued after successfully completing this course.


Course length

14 hours

Method of course delivery

Presentation, discussions, and practical on-site exercises.

Obligations of the participant

Safety boots or shoes and work clothes. Notebook and note taking. Cold or microwave-safe lunch. Must have received basic lockout training within the last 3 years.

Topics covered

  • Definition and objective of a procedure
  • Procedure content requirements
  • Procedure management requirements
  • Procedure creation process

  • Tools for effective risk identification
  • Methodology
  • Project management
  • Practical exercises: drafting procedures for some equipment

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