Seasons are changing, so are your boots!

Seasons are changing, so are your boots!


Fall is in full swing, and winter is fast approaching. You should be well prepared as temperatures are dropping fast. But, how?

Choosing the proper protective equipment for fall and winter can be a challenge, and often, the best option is a multi-layer system. But, unfortunately, it can be more difficult to apply to your feet.

However, Kosto proposes equipment to protect your feet while keeping them warm and dry.

Our famous rain boots!

To survive the autumn season, it is well known that waterproof boots are a must. But, first, take into consideration when they are used. For most people, simple PVC rain boots protecting up to the calf are enough to do the work.

On the other hand, better protection and adherence are required for those who have to work with waterproof boots.

Selecting a boot with a protective steel toe is an excellent choice. When working on a construction site, an object can fall on your feet and cause extreme pain and even injuries. The design is the same as in a work boot, but don’t forget that a rain boot is also a piece of protective equipment!

We know how easy it is to slip on a wet surface due to heavy rainfalls! Therefore, a PVC, nitrile, or natural rubber outsole allows enhanced stability and traction. In addition, the self-cleaning feature is handy to remove any residue from under the boot that could have made the worker slide.

If you work with chemical products, you should consider rubber boots that offer excellent resistance against oils and chemicals. Finally, workers requiring greater protection can select waterproof boots with puncture-resistant outsoles also resistant to electric shocks.

Additional protection… even more?

Although the safety features we have described previously meet most workers’ protection needs, the ultimate is metatarsal protection.

Metatarsal protection can be internal or external or added to the boot to ensure the safety of the worker’s top of the foot. It is a sort of extension of the protective steel toe, offering complete protection.

Unfortunately, not all metatarsals are comfortable, and as you know, workdays seem even longer with uncomfortable footwear. That’s why it is crucial to understand the role of metatarsal protection and choose a model that will fit your feet perfectly.

To learn more about it, this article will provide all the necessary information to choose the proper metatarsal protection according to your needs.

Choosing the right boot with or without metatarsal protection

What about comfort?

A waterproof boot must be comfortable. Rain boots worn for a daily stroll may not have an adapted sole, but on a worksite, it becomes indispensable.

Check out waterproof boots with molded and removable insoles. Some midsoles are designed to neutralize foot fatigue to help you complete your workday without aches and pains.

Afraid of slipping?

Cold temperatures are arriving, and soon the ice will cover our entrances and workplaces. A slip-resistant PVC outsole can do the work, but nothing compared to good old cleats and anti-slip outsoles.

To avoid slipping on snow and ice, metal or tungsten cleats are often the best option. Also, make sure to have enough metal cleats to cover the broader part of the boot. Cleat positioning must be chosen according to your needs. For example, if you are climbing a ladder, choose an anti-slip outsole without cleats in the middle of the foot.

Finally, it is crucial to select an anti-slip outsole made of rubber or very flexible material to:

  1. Ensure it won’t crack due to the cold.
  2. Ensure it remains flexible despite the cold.
  3. Ensure it can be installed and removed easily.
Kosto presents its removable anti-slip outsoles with K-grip cleats to keep you on your feet all winter long!

Afraid of being cold?

If you fear being cold in your waterproof boots, it is possible to add a comfort lining to keep you warm. A lining is helpful to fend off the cold, and it wicks away humidity that could accumulate inside the boot.

In addition, specific linings, such as the Kosto Comfort Work Boots Liners, wick away humidity while promoting airflow to keep feet dry without overheating.

Interested in more?

To learn more about the many Kosto products to keep you protected and warm this winter, check out our new catalogue!

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