Foot Protection

  • 12/8/2023

    TOP 10: Best reasons to protect the top of your feet

    When it comes to safety in the workplace, every precaution counts. 

    Protecting your feet is no exception, specifically the top of your feet. Why protect your metatarsal as much as the tip of your foot? 

  • SPI7/25/2023

    Why polyurethane soles on your work boots?

    Choosing your boots is already a complicated enough step for many that the material of the sole can quickly be forgotten. But have you ever wondered: Why are the soles of my boots made of polyurethane?

  • 6/6/2023

    Your guide to choosing your protective toe caps

    Safety is paramount when it comes to your feet and work boots. An essential safety feature is a protective toe cap that shields the wearer’s feet from potential hazards. . 

  • 9/7/2022

    3 elements to consider when wearing protective footwear

    Work boots are your trusted allies in the field. However, certain factors must be considered to ensure your feet’s safety and comfort. Here are three elements to consider!
  • SPI5/13/2022

    Certifications for High-Quality Products

    When you are purchasing work boots, you expect a quality level high enough to ensure the protection of your feet. Foot injuries can happen quickly and cause negative long-term repercussions.

  • SPI10/11/2021

    Seasons are changing, so are your boots!

    Fall is in full swing, and winter is fast approaching. You should be well prepared as temperatures are dropping fast. But, how?

  • SPI8/11/2021

    The Art of Making a Safety Boot

    Safety boots manufacturing takes time and planning. Everything must be set up to ensure both comfort and safety to the worker wearing them. Attention to detail is at the heart of the process, from the first pencil stroke to packaged boots. Royer, a prestigious company and industry leader, provides workers with high-quality safety boots. Founded in 1934 in Lac-Drolet, located in the Eastern Townships, Royer opens its doors and shares each work boot’s manufacturing stage.

  • SPI5/3/2021

    STC work boots: more than just steel toes

    Despite the existence of strict labor standards around safety equipment, nearly one in ten accidents reported are foot injuries. The risks of accidents vary between the different industries.

  • SPI2/12/2021

    Choosing the right boot with or without metatarsal protection

    The proper work boot protects against the daily dangers employees must face. Certain models, although efficient in many situations, are not adapted to other environments.

  • SPI1/18/2021

    Winter 101: Caring for your work boots

    Winter can be hard on work boots. Workers across the country are currently subjecting their safety boots to the harshest conditions Canadian winter has to offer.

  • SPI11/10/2020

    Prevent accidents and falls on the ice with Baffin boots

    Working outdoor in winter brings its share of risks; therefore, it is important to be prepared to avoid accidents at all costs!

  • SPI10/8/2020

    Why Wear a Metatarsal Work Boot or Safety Shoe?

    Metatarsal guards play a key role in keeping your feet protected at work and could save you a lot of pain and expenses. Metatarsal protectors have one mission: protect the top of your feet against heavy objects.