Kosto Summer Clothing: No More Sweaty Clothes in the Heat!

Kosto Summer Clothing: No More Sweaty Clothes in the Heat!


Working in the summer is enjoyable because our clothes are lighter and fewer. It’s also worth mentioning that summer clothing allows us to move more freely and perform more precise tasks.

However, working in the heat in the summer also comes with its challenges and drawbacks. Dehydration, loss of concentration, heat stroke and exhaustion are all consequences that can affect your employees during periods of intense heat.

Another disadvantage of working in the summer is sweating.

As you probably already know, sweating in your work clothes is not very pleasant. It becomes very difficult to feel comfortable, and it can quickly distract us from our work.

Kosto presents its summer clothing line with fabrics that meet the AATCC195 Grade 3 and 4 test for moisture management to ensure a summer of work without wet, sweaty clothes.

What is the AATCC195 test?

This method makes it possible to evaluate the capacity of textile fabrics to manage liquid moisture and allows for the classification of the different fabric types. The results obtained are based on water resistance, water repellency and water absorption according to the characteristics of the material.

A fabric sample is placed between two electrical sensors to achieve this. A certain amount of liquid solution is deposited in the center of the sample to calculate the material’s electrical conductivity.

The calculation of the electrical resistance measures the transport of liquid moisture in the fabric. Thanks to these results, the test can classify the material according to its ability to manage and limit liquid moisture. The shorter the duration of liquid moisture in the fabric, the closer the fabric grading will be to 5.

1 2 3 4 5
Wetting time (sec) ≥ 120 20 - 119 5 – 19 3-5 < 3
Absorption rate (%/sec) 0-9 10-29 30-49 50-100 > 100

What Kosto offers you

Kosto designed workwear that offers excellent durability and incredible breathability to keep you dry this summer. Even when you need to wear long garments, our private brand made sure to provide designs that meet the AATCC195 grade 3 and 4 test, which means they wick moisture and dry quickly.

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Kosto uses a unique fabric to provide high performance and comfort: Ripstop.


Ripstop is a woven fabric using a special reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to tearing and ripping, preventing it from spreading beyond the first interwoven square, hence the name “Ripstop”.


Many specialized garments such as pants, shirts, jackets and hats are made of Ripstop materials. From military equipment to uniforms, including summer apparel, Ripstop helps preserve the integrity of clothing.

Good to know!

Ripstop is the most comfortable polycotton on the market. The KOSTO Ripstop workwear is lightweight with high cut and tear resistance compared to thicker fabrics. Even in the worst working conditions, Ripstop prevents the accelerated wear of the work garments.


Ripstop polyester/cotton: The leading fabric for federal agencies and activities requiring increased tear resistance. Durable and rugged against frequent commercial washes, Ripstop polycotton garments resist discoloration, tears and abrasion. Suitable for any climate, apparels made of this material are breathable in the summer and windproof in the winter. It offers the utmost in sustainable performance and improved durability compared to all other materials commonly used for making work clothing.


Kosto offers lightweight and comfortable work shirts and pants made of Ripstop polycotton. This workwear is lighter and more breathable than traditional polycotton garments, more robust than duck canvas, providing excellent resistance to commercial wash.

Discover Kosto clothing with Ripstop technology

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