Bye, bye fogging with Honeywell Hydroshield

Bye, bye fogging with Honeywell Hydroshield


Your employees hate to see condensation appear when using protective eyewear. It blurs their vision and prevents them from working productively!

Help them overcome this daily pitfall. With the Uvex HydroShield protective glasses, your employees won’t have to remove them to see clearly. You will contribute to their comfort and efficiency while reducing the risks of injuries!

Take advantage of our free trial program and let your employees find out the difference for themselves!

Anti-fog safety glasses

  • Permanent coating
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Repels the excess
  • Effectiveness that lasts up to 60 times longer than other temporary coatings

60 times more effective!

The permanent coating offers a protection that lasts 60 times longer than other temporary coatings.

Protection and durability guaranteed

  • Lens provides two times the scratch resistance
  • Compliant with CSA Z94.3 Standard

Uvex HydroShield safety glasses are available in 6 modern designs, perfectly adapted to working conditions in the field.

Your employees need visual protection that does not affect their performance? Choose the only eyewear offering a durable protection against fogging.