Gloves with a green thumb

Gloves with a green thumb


The fight for the environment and its protection is an issue that affects us all. Whether it's for ourselves or for future generations, we must do everything we can to limit our ecological footprint.

Workers can do their part by limiting their use of disposable personal protective equipment (PPE). Disposable PPE has a significant impact on the environment, particularly because of the length of time it takes to decompose.

In fact, gloves are among the most discarded PPE in the workplace. In fact, as many as 100 billion pairs of gloves are thrown away each year. To make matters worse, it takes 100 years for a disposable glove to decompose in a landfill.

That's why Showa, a world leader in the production of protective gloves, made it their mission to make work gloves that are environmentally friendly. That's why they have developed a complete line of gloves designed with their brand new Eco Best Technology (EBT).

Pioneers in sustainable development It was in 2012 that Showa offered its first pair of biodegradable gloves. Since then, the company offers biodegradable gloves in all colors and thicknesses. Today, no less than 7 different types of gloves are biodegradable.
Discover why Showa is also THE pioneer of innovation in its field.

How does the EBT work?

Showa's EBT technology is very special and is an ideal solution for workers who want to do their part for the environment. But how does this technology work?

To begin with, the glove enters an active decomposition phase when the worker throws the glove away and it ends up in a landfill. After that, the EBT glove will decompose within 1 to 5 years. At the end of its decomposition, the glove will become organic soil and biogas. It will then allow a natural fertilization.

It is important to remember that biodegradable work gloves decompose 20 times faster than a conventional nitrile glove.


Through their efforts for the planet over the years, Showa has earned the GreenCircle certification for the biodegradable component found in 8 pairs of protective gloves.

This distinction is awarded to companies that have met specific sustainability criteria regarding the ecological impact of their products.

With a biodegradation rate of 82% in only 386 days, Showa’s EBT gloves have surpassed expectations to become a reference in green protective gloves.

What quality do biodegradable gloves provide?

It's not complicated: it's the same quality you'd find in any Showa products.

The company even assures you that it's "the same quality, performance and protection, but more environmentally friendly.

EBT gloves are designed according to the same strict standards and controls used for conventional nitrile gloves. This means they maintain the same quality of comfort, durability, grip and protection.

Take the NSK24 glove, for example. This is a work glove that offers excellent protection against solvents, oils and acids. The textured finish gives you a very good grip while the nitrile coating offers great abrasion resistance. All this while being biodegradable and advantageous for the planet.

Want to do your part for the environment?

Showa offers a wide range of biodegradable work gloves that will have minimal environmental impact. You can find the pair of gloves that best meets the needs of your industry by browsing Showa gloves with the EBT symbol.

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