Protect your feet this winter with the Honeywell Neos Overshoes

Protect your feet this winter with the Honeywell Neos Overshoes

12/11/2019 - SPI

Many workers from various industries must be equipped with safety work shoes that are both comfortable and perfectly suited to their needs.

The Honeywell Neos® overshoes are the best ally for workers in the sectors of construction, manufacturing or forestry. Neos offers superior protection for all types of construction shoes and boots. The overshoes provide prolonged safety to workers by significantly reducing the risk of abrasion, sliding or splashing.

Designed and created with quality materials, the Neos® overshoes are made of waterproof nylon coating, offering both reliability and convenience. The coating prevents the cold from entering, keeping the feet dry and warm in all weather conditions. The products are waterproof, ultralight and won’t weigh you down despite water and mud accumulations.

The Neos® overshoes have STABILIcers® outsoles with 32 steel cleats easily interchangeable to help maintain traction in the worst winter conditions. This feature adds another safety level, providing excellent adherence on all types of surfaces, avoiding the risks of falls on construction sites and in workplaces. Rugged, but lightweight and comfortable, designed for long-term use, STABILIcers® outsoles are a smart solution to ensure traction control.

Versatile, the Neos® overshoes can be put on simply and quickly over any shoes or boots with their extra-large opening allowing the footwear to slide in and out easily of the overshoes.

Safety, comfort and durability are key features making the Honeywell Neos® an essential partner to help workers face chilly Canadian winters.

About the manufacturer

Honeywell Safety Products (HSP) is a global manufacturer of leading personal protection equipment (PPE). It offers a full range of leading-edge safety solutions on the market, such as respiratory protection, hearing protection and safety footwear.

HSP equips workers from across the world with personal protective equipment designed to protect against the dangers found in various industries.