Keep your hands away from flames with Superior Glove

Keep your hands away from flames with Superior Glove


Keep your hands away from flames with Superior Glove

You may want to learn more about this hazard if you work in an industry where ignition or arc flash risks are present. An accident can happen very quickly in this type of environment.

Unfortunately, your hands are often the first to suffer from burns. In 2020 in Canada, more than 23,000 work accidents with loss of time are linked to hand injuries.

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The hazards

Many dangers can cause severe hand burns, especially arc flashes and flames. In addition, work done near a fire can cause severe burns.

You must understand how heat transfer occurs to protect your hands from heat. There are three possibilities:

  • Conduction (direct contact with a hot surface)
  • Convection (air or liquid)
  • Radiation (flame or sun radiation)

Therefore, knowing your work environment well is essential to identify all potential burn hazards for your hands.

How to find the proper protection?

To ensure your safety against burns, Superior Glove offers many heat resistant gloves. Here are different factors that make these gloves resistant to flames and arc flashes:

  • A mix of DuPontKevlar®
  • Flame-resistant fibers
  • Arc flash tests
  • Neoprene palms
  • Heat protection
  • Cuff protecting the wrist or forearm

*It is crucial to rely on the maximum exposure temperature identified on the glove.

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It is essential to know the material used in manufacturing work gloves. They can impact your dexterity and comfort, but also the protection level. You must ensure the gloves are the right size for a perfect fit with your hands.

Finally, constantly monitor your work glove inventory—all materials used in their design age quicker when exposed to heat. Therefore, inventory turnover must be done more often.

Are you familiar with the ANSI standard?

The ANSI standard is the one to follow regarding cuts and abrasion. You can find the cut resistance level you need according to your activities. The difference between the ANSI and EN388 standards is also explained.

Need impact protection?

Superior Glove understands the importance of wearing gloves capable of offering impact protection. In partnership with Superior Glove, we developed this guide to provide the information you need about the risk of impacts on your hands. Find all the criteria to consider when selecting a suitable pair of gloves.