Lockout is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your employees who have to work in areas where machines are powered by electricity. Various padlocks enable you to control energy and work without having to worry about a machine being switched on. Locking devices are also available to secure an entire team working in the same area.


Padlocks are essential for effective and safe lockout. Padlocks allow you to control machines’ energy in your workplaces to prevent accidents. Many padlocks of different sizes, colors and materials are available for your work teams. You can benefit from the expertise of companies like Brady, Abus, Master Lock and more.


Padlock stations are perfect for securing machinery when a group of workers performs tasks in the same location. Padlock stations allow you to store padlocks and devices specific to your lockout needs. This means you can securely store multiple padlocks in the same place.


With locking devices, you can lock the padlocks of several workers on the same hasp, preventing energy from circulating. The hasp will only open once the workers have removed all the padlocks. Several other locking devices, such as valve and bolt covers, are available to meet your lockout needs.


Lockout tags are necessary to identify hazards and areas where energy control must not be disturbed. The vast majority of labels feature text such as “Do not operate”.