Natpro Presents Its Co-Creation Solution

Natpro Presents Its Co-Creation Solution

4/12/2024 - SPI

It's no secret that being comfortable in your work equipment not only helps the worker's overall well-being but also their safety.

No matter where on the body that needs to be protected, no compromise should be made on the product's ability to cope with the daily risks of your work.

NATPRO is proud to offer the Co-Creation program, a unique service that allows customers to actively participate in the design of their custom-made clothing and protective equipment (PPE).


How does it work?

Needs assessment

The first step is to assess your specific personal protection needs. NATPRO's team of experts will ask you questions about your work environment, the risks you are exposed to, and your comfort and performance needs.


Once your needs have been assessed, NATPRO will work closely with you to design your PPE. You will then be offered the appropriate materials and features to protect your workers.

Prototyping and validation

NATPRO will produce a prototype of your PPE and submit it to you for validation. You will be able to test the prototype and provide NATPRO with your feedback so that the team can make the necessary changes.

Production and delivery

Once the tests are conclusive, NATPRO will launch the production of your custom-made PPE and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

NATPRO can also assist you with material resistance or risk testing.


Benefits of the Co-Creation program:

  • PPE perfectly adapted to your needs: By participating in the design of your protective equipment, you are sure to obtain products that perfectly meet your specific requirements.
  • Better protection and comfort: Custom-made PPE will offer you better protection against occupational hazards and increased comfort throughout the day.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: By validating the prototype before production, you are sure to be satisfied with the final result.

The Co-Creation program is the ideal solution for customers looking for custom-made PPE and who want to actively participate in its design.

Contact NATPRO today to learn more about the Co-Creation program or shop their products right here!