When your hands are at risk, Ansell comes to the rescue!

When your hands are at risk, Ansell comes to the rescue!


Hand protection is of utmost importance as it guarantees safety in the workplace. Risks, such as impacts, cuts, punctures and abrasion, can cause serious hand injuries, decreased productivity, and even long-term disability. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of hand protection options available that can help mitigate risks. Ansell gloves stand out by their reputation for excellence, innovation, and company history. 

Ansell is a trusted brand that produces gloves to protect your hands from impacts. Those models are manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to be comfortable and durable. 

One of the risks from which Ansell gloves can protect from is an impact. This glove has padding and reinforcements over the most vulnerable areas of the hands to absorb shocks and prevent hand injuries. 


A worker in the manufacturing industry is carrying a 20 kg metallic trunk. Due to an electric wire on the floor, he stumbles, and the trunk launches into the air. As he falls, the trunk strikes the back of his hand full force.

The result without the protection of impact-resistant gloves:

Scaphoid and wrist fractures that will require complete immobilization for 2 to 3 months before a gradual return to work. The accident can also have long-term impacts on the capacity of the hand at work.

The result with the protection of impact-resistant gloves: 

Mild discomfort and stiffness for a few days. No long-term consequence on the worker’s health or performance.

Generally, the weight and speed at which an object falls can cause serious injuries such as fractures, dislocation, or even amputations.

Choosing the right equipment can sometimes protect your health more than you think possible.

And what about cuts and punctures?

Apart from impact protection, Ansell gloves offer protection against cuts and punctures. These gloves are manufactured with materials such as Intercept™, Kevlar™ and Dyneema™, known for their resistance and durability. They are ideal for tasks requiring handling cutting objects or machines with sharp edges. 

Also, Ansell gloves protect against the risk of abrasion. When working with coarse or abrading materials, it is essential to have gloves capable of withstanding wear. Ansell gloves are designed with reinforced areas to resist abrasion and prolong their service life. 

Do you want more details on how Ansell gloves can protect against cuts and abrasion? Click here!

Don’t forget that even if Ansell gloves can reduce risks, they must not be considered the sole mean of protection. Other safety measures are essential, such as safeguards and shields and safe work practices to ensure optimal protection. 

Did you know that in 2020, almost 35,000 hand injuries caused by work accidents were recorded in Canada? It’s almost 15% of all work accidents documented over the year.

When choosing the right glove for a determined task, you must consider the specific risks for that work. Ansell proposes a range of gloves designed to protect against various hazards you may experience at work. 

Choosing the right work gloves and ensuring they are comfortable and properly adjusted to be worn over an extended period could prevent many health issues. Make the right choice and think Ansell.