Prevent accidents and falls on the ice with Baffin boots

Prevent accidents and falls on the ice with Baffin boots


Working outdoor in winter brings its share of risks; therefore, it is important to be prepared to avoid accidents at all costs!

Among those risks, falls on icy surfaces are recurrent. According to CIHI, accidental falls are the most common cause of injury across the country. In addition, nearly 654,000 fall-related hospital visits were reported last year. It is therefore necessary to equip your feet with equipment that can reduce slipping hazards.

With Baffin boots, you can ensure that you have the most effective protection in terms of slip resistance, but also many other key aspects of winter foot protection.

Tips for not falling down this winter ❄
  • Remove all the snow from your driveway
  • Buy good winter boots and cleats
  • Walk slower than usual
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags
  • Walk in a penguin style to ensure traction

Complete and assured foot protection

It is essential for workers to feel safe from head to toe. With Baffin's winter safety boots, you'll never have to worry about not being sufficiently protected. Offering outstanding features, Baffin's Ice Rebels Series winter boots are all cold weather resistant down to -30°C, in addition to being oil and acid resistant.

And to make sure your feet stay warm in winter, Baffin tests its products right here in Canada.

The first part of the testing takes place in the lab using a "flex machine". The second part of the tests is called "Real-world testing". Baffin boots are put to the test in a wide range of situations and temperatures. Baffin's Cold Camp was designed to have several people test their products in a wide range of cold weather situations.

If a product doesn't stand up to the elements, it needs to be improved. Baffin SVP Mark Hubner insists, " That aspect is important because if the product does not reach our expected standard, we can improve it to ensure it won’t fail for the consumer."

Baffin products therefore have a Real-world testing comfort rating that allows you to select the right boot for your needs.

Also, Baffin has developed the Ice Bite technology for some of its models and the outsole that provides incredible grip on ice.

The Ice Bite technology

With the addition of Ice Bite technology to the soles of Baffin safety boots, the adherence to icy surfaces is 3X greater than with conventional soles.

In fact, the outer surface of the sole is covered with a network of lugs resulting from the latest technology to prevent skidding accidents.

Comfort in the spotlight

Baffin understands that comfort is more than a benefit when it comes to worker safety boots; it's a necessity. That's also why these boots are resistant to electric shock and offer reliable toe protection. They are CSA and ASTM approved as well as ESR/EH for electrical hazards.

In addition to all these features, Baffin boots are made of non-metallic materials, thus maintaining flexibility and lightness, allowing for a better motion range.

Additionally, Baffin's technology helps reduce foot fatigue by absorbing impact and vibration.

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