Hand Protection

  • SPI6/1/2024

    ANSI Cut Resistance Chart: Find Your Perfect Cut-Resistant Gloves

    In workplaces with sharp objects or machinery, the risk of cuts and lacerations is a constant concern. This is where cut-resistant gloves come in, offering a crucial layer of protection for your hands.

  • 3/22/2024

    Superior Glove lends you a hand in choosing the right impact-resistant glove

    In 2019 in Canada, no less than 29,159 work accidents were attributed to hand and finger injuries. Unfortunately, this type of accident tends to increase each year.

    The solution to this problem is obviously to protect hands using proper protection. However, finding a pair of gloves capable of meeting workers’ safety needs while offering excellent dexterity can be very difficult.

  • SPI6/7/2023

    Top 5 Benefits Of Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Failing to protect our hands with cut-resistant gloves can have severe consequences, resulting in injuries, disability, and even the loss of livelihood. 

  • 4/28/2023

    When your hands are at risk, Ansell comes to the rescue!

    Are you working without gloves because they are uncomfortable, or do they impede your work? Time to put them back on; your safety depends on it!

  • SPI9/7/2022

    Keep your hands away from flames with Superior Glove

    Suffering from a burn is painful. That’s why SPI and Superior Glove provide more information about the risks of burns at work and the possible solutions. Consult this article to find the proper protection against this danger!
  • SPI8/2/2022

    How to choose the best hand protection for cold weather

    Cold temperatures, wind and humidity increase the risk of injury for the workers. In order to choose the appropriate protection, it is important to take into account several factors including the environment and the working conditions.

  • SPI8/1/2022

    Selecting the best cold weather work glove

    Winter is coming fast. Don’t let the cold take you by surprise! When looking for winter work gloves, it may be difficult to know where to start. It may seem impossible to find good work gloves that can keep your hands warm, and offer sufficient dexterity. Generally, the warmer the glove, the bulkier it is, impeding on dexterity. Therefore, it is essential to decide if you wish to prioritize cold protection or dexterity preservation. According to the heat and dexterity level you need, the style, lining and glove type are all key elements to guide your choice.

  • SPI7/26/2022

    Superior Glove TenActiv: Superior Quality and Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

    Hand injuries are the second leading cause of work accidents in North America and the cost represents several billion dollars each year for companies.

    Sometimes irreversible, these hand injuries can also have an important impact on companies that can experience:

  • SPI6/9/2022

    Work gloves: all you need to know about abrasion and cut resistance

    At some point, all workers wear down a pair of work gloves.

    Therefore, the risk of abrasion and cut injuries is multiplied.

    We have created this quick guide to provide more information about abrasion and cuts. Also, we have included solutions to keep your hands safe against these hazards.

  • 6/1/2022

    Microfiber Technology for Enhanced Hand Protection

    Microfiber is a material that we hear about very often since it is used in many different products, including:

  • 5/2/2022

    Gloves with a green thumb

    The fight for the environment and its protection is an issue that affects us all. Whether it's for ourselves or for future generations, we must do everything we can to limit our ecological footprint.

  • SPI3/1/2022

    5 Tips to Keep your Hands Warm for Outside Work

    With winter in full swing, many of us have already experienced the dreadful frozen fingers.

    Whether you work outside or love the outdoors, winter can be hard. That’s inevitable. But… cold hands don’t have to be.