Honeywell Trustfit Pod earplugs: trustworthy, practical and comfortable

Honeywell Trustfit Pod earplugs: trustworthy, practical and comfortable

3/13/2017 - SPI

Honeywell Safety Products is a specialized company, internationally renowned for its professional protective equipment. All the necessary protective equipment essential to industrial workers, such hearing protection headsets or earplugs worn daily in noisy environments, will enable to preserve the balance and responsiveness of each user by preventing hearing damage at work. The protection standards imposed in certain particularly noisy environments require of companies to provide their employees with the appropriate equipment, compliant with the minimal protection limit.

Honeywell offers many models of earplugs, of varying compositions and insulation levels that can meet hearing protection needs, whatever the activity. Disposable and worn on a case-by-case basis, or reusable and worn daily in the most demanding conditions, the Honeywell earplugs protect you in all circumstances.

Designed to be reliable and trustworthy, the TrustFit Pod earplugs can be attached to a cord and worn all day long without risking losing them, while being kept close at hand.

TrustFit earplugs have an ergonomic paddle that fits naturally between finger and thumb, allowing each user to push it in place or remove it in one single step, even when wearing protective gloves. The Honeywell TrustFit Pod earplugs comply with the EU regulations (EEC) and can be used within the existing regulations applied in industrial settings.

Made of dimpled polyurethane foam, the tip of each earplug collapses to fit all morphologies and adapt to the user’s ear canal, providing optimal protection. The flexible polyurethane foam is a light insulator with high mechanical resistance. Often used in construction and civil engineering for its insulating properties, it also offers a high protection against sound waves. The expansive structure of the polyurethane foam will block out outside noises while bringing great comfort to the user.

Treated to prevent MDI vapour emissions, the TrustFit Pod polyurethane earplugs grant the holder with total hygienic and hypoallergenic conditions. The earplugs can be cleaned and dried without distorting or modifying the performance of the foam.

TrustFit Pod earplugs are designed to protect workers in the noisiest environments, such as construction, metallurgy and manufacturing industries. Professionals wishing to equip their staff with appropriate protective equipment that meets high-quality standards will find in the TrustFit earplugs the uncompromising reliability they are searching for to guarantee the safety and well-being of each of their employees.

An optimal protection against noise hazards represents an investment, guarding the user from all damages caused by a prolonged exposure to noise pollution. In this respect, the reusable TrustFit Pod earplugs are a piece of equipment that will accompany each of your workers, bringing the assurance that their physical integrity will be protected each and every day.

By choosing the Honeywell TrustFit earplugs, you obtain high-performance equipment, the result of thorough analyses and the most demanding testing. Trustworthy, comfortable and essential best describe the noise protection characteristics of the TrustFit Pod of Honeywell Safety Products.