For protection against punctures and cuts, Tilsatec is the right answer!

For protection against punctures and cuts, Tilsatec is the right answer!


Who is Tilsatec?

Tilsatec is a company that specializes in the production of woolen yarns that are then used to create cut-resistant gloves and flame-resistant clothing. Tilsatec was founded in England in 1880 and rapidly distinguished itself from the competition by its choice of materials that gave its products optimal resistance to cuts.

In 2002, Tilsatec's RhinoTM brand entered the hand protection market against cuts and quickly became an undisputed leader. Later, the company launched its new line of puncture and needle protection equipment: RHINOGUARDTM.

Finally, Tilsatec expanded its market in North America and now serves Canada, the United States, Mexico and, of course, Europe. Tilsatec is proud of being an international leader in protective equipment, mainly because of its well-proven anti-cutting technology.

Did you know that...
Tilsatec was awarded the Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation category by Princess Anne for the successful development and commercialization of the RhinoYarn technology.

What is the RhinoGuard textile composite?

Working in the industrial sector can be hazardous, and head-to-toe protection is often required to avoid the worst. That's why personal protective equipment (PPE) is the ideal solution to keep you safe. However, it can sometimes be challenging to find protective equipment that protects you and allows you to work without hassle.

In the case of work gloves, it's tempting to try to make the gear lighter and more flexible and comfortable. But what about the protection? Does it remain the same, or does it decrease in favor of physical integrity? Again, it is up to the manufacturers to find solutions that will create a perfect balance.

In response to those pressing needs of the workers, Tilsatec designed a resistant, flexible and lightweight material. RhinoGuardTM is a high-tech textile composite designed to provide the highest protection level against a wide range of puncture and needlestick risks. Constructed from the innovative combination of perfected fibers, a structure of the modified fabric and a unique coating technology, this system offers high protection levels against puncture risks, big and small, including needles and syringes.

What does RHINOGUARDTM comply with?

To comply with the standards, the fabric has completed rigorous puncture testing by an independent accredited organization. Puncture resistance has been measured according to the standardized method ASTM F1342-05 using a conical puncture probe with a diameter equal to 2 mm and a rounded tip with a radius of 0.25 mm. A new needle is used before each attempt, and for each test, the probe had bent but not penetrated the fabric.

When it comes to performance, all RHINOGUARDTM products have an ANSI Class 5 puncture rating. This technology protects you from cuts. It meets the 2015 ANSI Level A5 cut rating.

These products are certified by the European standard EN388-2003, which ensures users excellent protection against

  • Abrasion
  • Cuts
  • Tears
  • Punctures
  • Impacts

RhinoGuard protective sleeves provide excellent protection against the hazards listed above, without sacrificing lightness and flexibility. Made of heavy-duty materials, this work sleeve will keep you protected and comfortable, no matter the job.


Do you know the RhinoYarnTM technology?

In addition to its RHINOGUARDTM product line, Tilsatec offers a wide range of work gloves designed specifically to meet the needs of industrial workers. The RHINOYARNTM technology, a breakthrough in the field of anti-cutting material, is offered on the vast majority of Tilsatec products.

Tilsatec work gloves meet your needs for protection against cuts (with protection up to ANSI level A8), punctures, flames and impacts.

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