Superior Glove lends you a hand in choosing the right impact-resistant glove

Superior Glove lends you a hand in choosing the right impact-resistant glove


In 2019 in Canada, no less than 29,159 work accidents were attributed to hand and finger injuries. Unfortunately, this type of accident tends to increase each year.

The solution to this problem is obviously to protect hands using proper protection. However, finding a pair of gloves capable of meeting workers’ safety needs while offering excellent dexterity can be very difficult.

If the glove has too many protective layers, the worker’s capacity to properly hold objects or perform more precise tasks becomes almost impossible. You have likely seen one of your colleagues or even you remove your gloves to have better dexterity.

This dexterity puts your hands at risk of potentially severe injuries.

To be protected against risks of crushing, cuts and punctures while keeping a high level of dexterity, impact-resistant gloves are the solution.


Impact-resistant gloves are specially designed to protect the back of the hand. Using pieces of rubber glued to the top of the glove down to the fingertips, this feature ensures the safety of your hands in case of impact.

When there is an impact, or your hand is crushed, impact-resistant gloves can absorb and disperse the shock to prevent hand injuries.

The placement of the protective rubber pieces over the glove allows the hand to move and the glove to bend without affecting the worker’s dexterity.

The grip on this type of glove is often improved in humid and oily conditions with its synthetic micropores or corded cotton.

The protection offered doesn’t stop there. These gloves are often resistant to cuts, abrasion and punctures. Also, your hands remain dry with the coating or treatment applied to the different models.

How to choose the right model?

As a leader in the protective glove industry, Superior Glove understands your reality on construction sites or in plants and wants to equip you with the best possible glove to keep your hands safe.

Superior Glove offers you advice to choose the appropriate impact-resistant glove for your needs.

  • Comfort is the main aspect to consider. Comfort certainly comes with good dexterity. Try taking a pen with your gloves on, and you will experience the difference between each model.
  • The placement of the rubber pieces on the top of the glove must be spaced to avoid impeding hand movement. The Superior Glove TenActive gloves are the perfect example of one offering excellent hand dexterity and movement.
  • The pieces of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) must be sewn directly on the top of the glove to ensure maximum adherence. If the TPR is only glued on the glove, it won’t last long in the workplace.

In addition, it is essential to verify that each thermoplastic rubber piece covers impact points adequately and the fingertips.

  • A good pair of work gloves should be durable. To keep the glove in optimal condition, choose a product made of authentic leather or a coated palm resistant to abrasion for a less expensive option.
  • To ensure adherence, check that the material used for the palm is oil repellent without affecting the grip. A good impact-resistant glove should offer adherence even in humid conditions.

Therefore, the work environment should be taken into account.

  • Finally, to ensure the quality of the impact-resistant glove, check for test results indicated on the glove. If it’s the case, you will know if this glove complies with specific standards such as cut, abrasion and impact resistance.

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