3 elements to consider when wearing protective footwear

3 elements to consider when wearing protective footwear


Do you own an old pair of work boots you don’t want to get rid of? Unfortunately, wearing this type of footwear can endanger your safety.

Footwear with decomposing components eliminates the protective properties of work boots. Therefore, if your toe cap is exposed or your treads are non-existent, it may be time to replace your boots to optimize your safety.

Also, proper attention to laces and lacing can significantly improve comfort at work.

Here are three elements that should not be underestimated when wearing safety footwear 👇.

1) Do you tie your boots correctly?

Proper laces and lacing is essential to foot support on the job. A quality lace combined with the proper lacing technique allows for greater fit and ergonomic support. It is also important to lace all grommets to enhance the user’s stability.

As for laces, here are the key factors to consider:

  • Make sure your laces are in good condition and show no sign of deterioration
  • Tension from the laces must be distributed evenly
  • Lace all grommets
  • Don’t use laces that are too long as they may catch on equipment or be a tripping hazard.

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2) Time to kick your boots to the curb?

It’s no secret that safety footwear has a limited lifespan. Over time, hydrolysis can affect your safety boots and cause damage. Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction that occurs when water breaks down the chemical bond of a material.

Generally, it occurs with shoes made of polyurethane. Some more extreme work environments can also accelerate wear and tear on componentry.

The gradual breakdown will impact the overall performance of your protective footwear, including your personal comfort.

Nothing can be done to avoid natural decay, but you can be more informed when making your next safety footwear purchase. Ensure the boot has the right tools for your job. Terra Footwear, for example, partners with the world’s leaders in tech and textiles. Check out the Terra Gantry work boot, built with all-around protection and a waterproof Hydroguard membrane.

3) Check your outsoles!

Another critical aspect to keep in mind when wearing safety footwear is the outsole. Therefore, it’s essential to check if they are in good condition. If they begin to deteriorate, it may be time to change your boots.

Robust, brand-new soles allow for maximum traction and optimal performance at work. In addition, different outsoles are appropriate for different work environments.

In Canada, more than 40,000 workers are injured each year due to slipping. An outsole in good condition helps you maintain contact with the ground, even when wet.

And what about protection?

Work done in construction, agriculture, warehousing, mining, or even security has its share of danger for your feet. That’s why the quality of the safety footwear makes all the difference.

The outsole can make the difference between an accident and keeping your feet safe. When selecting a footwear provider, find out how their product is tested and certified.

Did you know…

In 2020 in Canada, we recorded more than 5,800 work accidents with loss time associated with foot injury (AWCBC, 2020).


Make sure your safety footwear can protect you from the following hazards:

  • Punctures
  • Falling of heavy objects
  • Electrical shocks
  • Slippery floor
  • Contact with sharp objects
  • Abrasion
  • Chemical products

For added comfort

To avoid wet feet due to humidity and sweat, it is vital to choose a boot that will offer you the appropriate protection. A breathable lining wicks away humidity that can accumulate inside the work boot. Your feet will remain dry for longer.

Also, odors can be unpleasant after long days at work. That’s why an anti-odor treatment can significantly help manage bad odors. For example, Terra uses its CLEANFEET® technology to minimize the presence of odors inside your safety shoes.

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