3 elements to be considered when choosing winter gloves

3 elements to be considered when choosing winter gloves


Your gloves represent the interface between you and your tools. And as your tools are essential to perform your work, it is of vital importance to choose them wisely.

When selecting winter work gloves, we must often find a compromise between cold protection and hand dexterity. The more insulating the gloves, the warmer they are but also thicker, which interferes with the required dexterity. In a well-fitted glove, the finger should almost touch the tip of the gloves. This maximizes heat. Also, for outdoor winter work, hands must be kept dry. To remain warm, you must have airtight and waterproof gloves.
According to the level of heat and dexterity you need, consider the following three elements to help you select the right winter glove:

  1. Glove model
  2. Outer material
  3. Insulation/dexterity ratio


The style and function of the glove have a direct impact on the dexterity level. For example, traditional lined gloves are usually bulkier to fight the cold which restricts mobility. Mechanics gloves are much thinner and flexible which maintains good dexterity, but they are less warm. Some other types of gloves, such as driver gloves and general work gloves called “high dexterity” are a good compromise between the two. Thinner than traditional winter gloves and better-protecting hands than mechanics gloves, they keep hands warm while offering a good grip and enhanced mobility.


When choosing a winter glove, the lining is not the only factor to consider. The material with which the glove is made plays an important role to keep the hands warm and dry. For example, a high-density material will protect the hands more efficiently from the wind which may lead to heat retention up to 28°C more than the outside temperature.


Insulation works in two ways: trapping the air and reflecting body heat. The more fiber the inner material contains, the more it will trap air and remain warmer. However, if the material has more fivers, it will be bigger and will lack flexibility.

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