Your Safety Is MSA’s Priority

Your Safety Is MSA’s Priority


Ensuring your protection is the mission of MSA. Founded in 1914, this American company understands the importance of always having the best-suited personal protective equipment (PPE) for our work environment.  

MSA is committed to offering quality and durable personal protective equipment (PPE). With over 5000 employees ready to answer your questions and help you, MSA wants to provide the best possible experience.  

Their fall protection division holds an impressive inventory. MSA has the fall protection equipment you need, from self-retractable lifelines to energy-absorbing lanyards, including confined space products! 

What about situations where the workers are dealing with leading edges? MSA has the solution for you. 

What is a leading edge? 

It is the unprotected side of a floor, roof or formwork where workers sometimes need to cross to build new sections. Finally, a leading edge is a side where the lifeline fixed at feet’s height can rub against the edge in case of a fall.  

Although today’s equipment is highly resistant, the fact is that a leading edge can be very sharp.  

Since often installed at feet’s height, the risk of injury is more important: 

  • Greater drop height
  • Potentially longer locking time of the self-retracting lifeline
  • Greater arrest force on the body in case of a fall
  • Worker’s uncontrollable swing
  • Swing near or on leading edges that can cut the line

How does a self-retracting lifeline work? 

To ensure your safety when working with leading edges, MSA offers superior quality materials. Therefore, a lanyard must be designed with highly resistant and durable materials. The V-Edge Series lanyards are designed with galvanized cables to meet this need. The final goal is to avoid a line being cut by a leading edge.  

It is imperative to integrate a very robust energy absorber to avoid injuries in case of a fall. In addition, it will decrease the arrest force felt by the worker’s body.  

The V-EDGE Series offers you peace of mind 

Designed with innovative, cutting-edge technology, the V-EDGE leading-edge self-retracting lifeline is the best choice to ensure your safety at heights. Leading edges challenges will be a thing of the past! The MSA V-EDGE lanyard offers: 

  • A galvanized cable for improved resistance 
  • Clear housing for quick and safe inspection 
  • Installation at horizontal and aerial points 
  • Integrated roll cage to protect the housing 
  • The lanyard absorber controls the fall speed, avoiding component damage 
  • Maximal capacity: 310 lb. 

Discover the V-EDGE leading-edge self-retracting lifeline