Choosing the right boot with or without metatarsal protection

Choosing the right boot with or without metatarsal protection


Finding the right shoe is not so easy. And finding the perfect work boot that suits you and protects your feet depends entirely on your reality. It must answer to the dangers you face every day.

Some boots, although safe, will not always be adapted to all types of environments.

The first step in choosing the right work boot is to evaluate the risks associated with your tasks and your work environment:

  • Do you work outdoors? In freezing temperatures?
  • Do you face risks related to handling hazardous materials?
  • Do you have to change environments frequently? (icy floors, slippery floors, dry floors)
  • Do you face the possibility of falling objects or being hit on your feet?
  • Do you work with equipment or materials that could roll over on your feet?

Protect the top of your foot

If you work with sharp, pointed, or heavy objects, choose a work boot with a metatarsal protector. Metatarsal protection offers protection against punctures, cuts, and fractures in the area not covered by the toe cap.

A steel toe cap protects the toes, but not the top of the foot. If you are at risk of receiving objects other than on the toe of your boot, your upper foot will remain vulnerable to impact with only a protective toe cap.

Boots with metatarsals are unfortunately not always the most comfortable. Therefore, it’s best to choose a boot with a metatarsal protector that doesn’t disrupt walking and distributes impact energy over the foot’s entire surface, from the sole to the toe cap.

Trends in Work Boots with Metatarsals

There are two types of metatarsal protectors available on the market: internal and external. These must comply with the same standard: ASTM F2413-A.

Initially, metatarsal boots were manufactured with external protectors only. These weren’t very popular among workers because they were rigid, bulky, and uncomfortable.

These inconveniences led to the development of softer and more comfortable internal protectors. Today, safety boots with metatarsal protection, whether internal or external, have been improved and are now lighter, more flexible, and comfortable.

Proven technology: PORON XRD

To replace plastic− initially used in metatarsal protectors, new material was created: PORON XRD.

This breathable urethane-based microcellular material is incredibly effective at dissipating the energy of high-speed impacts. (Up to 90% of the energy of a high-speed impact!)

This new material revolutionizes the safety boot market by making it possible to manufacture a boot or shoe with metatarsal without compromising comfort or appearance. 

Don’t sacrifice safety over comfort. The technological advance of metatarsal protection offers protection for the upper part of the foot and good flexibility.

Kosto: Cutting-Edge Metatarsal Protection


Kosto 8” Safety Boots with External Metatarsal Protector: this classic full-grain leather work boot has a Traibelle lining that keeps the foot cool and resists odor and mildew. Its Nomex stitching provides extra protection against sparks and heat, ideal for hazardous work environments.

Kosto AirMet 8’’ Safety Boots with Flexible Internal Metatarsal: increasingly adopted by workers, this full-grain leather work boot features the new PORON XRD® soft internal metatarsal technology that hardens on impact. Its flame-retardant seams and PU/rubber sole offer protection from heat for one minute up to 300°C. Its Thinsulate and Cambrelle lining keeps feet cool and resists odor and mildew for long-lasting comfort.