Don't worry about spills with Brady SPC

Don't worry about spills with Brady SPC


Many transport workers across Canada are aware of the possibility of an accident or turbulence that can move the products they are transporting. A liquid spill can happen quickly, and having the right equipment on hand to limit damages is essential. Here’s why.

A liquid spill can be very harmful to the environment and receive a substantial penalty. Therefore, it is important to know that serious fines will be imposed on a non-compliant carrier.

Legislation and Standards

In Canada, the LCEPA 1999 Canadian Environmental Protection Act as well as the CSAZ731-F03 (C2014) standard, which regulates national emergency preparedness and response, must be respected at all costs. Very serious fines will be distributed to carriers if they do not comply with the legislation.

Another reason for controlling spills is to protect your employees. Certain materials may be dangerous to employees’ health, and controlling a spill limits the contact of a worker with a substance.

If a spill happens during the transportation of your goods, it is possible that the loss of time associated with the incident increases considerably if you don’t have the necessary equipment to control it. Therefore, having a spill kit available during transport allows for quicker control of liquid spills and significantly increases employee productivity.

The Brady Solution for Transport

With the Brady spill kits specifically designed for transport, you will be able to easily clean spills such as hydrocarbons, solvents, cooling liquids or other liquids. In addition, the kits can adapt to all types of transport. So whether you are driving a semi-trailer truck or a car, Brady’s different spill kits will adapt to your needs.

Also, all kits include personal protective equipment to ensure your employees’ safety during spill cleaning. The kits have all the necessary spill cleaning equipment and all you need to control and limit liquid spread.


The Brady SPC spill kits may include the following products:

  • Polypropylene absorbent sheets and pads specially designed to absorb oil and repel water
  • Socks to limit the spill
  • Epoxy paste
  • Bag of peat moss
  • Disposable mask
  • One or more disposable bags
  • A pair of chemical-resistant nitrile gloves

Portable spill kits are offered in a high-visibility yellow nylon or PVC bag to ensure workers are seen or noticed. The bag must be found quickly to control spills as efficiently as possible. The bag’s fabric helps repel water to keep the spill products inside dry.

Read our article to learn more about the equipment required in case of a spill. Also, here is a 10-step list in case of a spill.


Why choose Brady SPC?

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, SPC products are used by many workers working in transport. Brady offers high-quality service and expertise to inform customers and their distributors about their products and use. Since the beginning of the SPC product line, Brady has never stopped driving product innovation for greater efficiency while maintaining minimum selling costs to avoid impacting customers.

Ecology is also at the heart of Brady’s innovations. The company is socially responsible and strives to minimize waste. To achieve this, Brady reuses 97% of its materials! It reuses all raw material wastage, significantly reducing the quantity sent to landfills.

The ultimate goal of Brady SPC is to eliminate waste, save energy, recycle resources and continue working for a plant without waste.