Pyramex H2MAX: durable and efficient anti-fog

Pyramex H2MAX: durable and efficient anti-fog


You are working, and suddenly, fog is all over your safety glasses. No doubt you have encountered this situation in your career. But then, it becomes difficult to get rid of it, and rubbing the lenses too much can damage them. Even worse, this situation can occur in critical moments.

To rectify this problem, many safety equipment companies started the production of anti-fog glasses. However, choosing the right equipment company is a critical, but delicate situation, as the company must master anti-fog perfectly.

The know-how of Pyramex

For Pyramex, a leader in safety glasses, it is essential to manufacture both performant and stylish products. The numerous innovations of the company ensure that their customers have the most modern and technologically advanced personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

With more than 60 different models of safety glasses, Pyramex understands how critical proper eye protection can be. Whether you need a tinted, polarized or photochromic lens, no matter the situation, Pyramex has the right safety glasses for you.

See the difference between each of these lenses and discover the various models of Pyramex glasses.

The H2MAX anti-fog coating is the best possible protection

The recurring problem of fogged or scratched safety lenses has no secret for Pyramex. Their anti-fog technology keeps your lens clear, even in highly humid or changing temperatures.

But how is it possible?

Thanks to the H2MAX anti-fog coating, Pyramex can provide you with performant and durable protection. The H2MAX superior quality coating ensures optimal clear vision to workers while protecting them from abrasives and chemical substances. It is possible primarily through the coating with an added protective layer.

H2MAX provides high scratch resistance to the lens. The coating can resist scratches of a 100 g weight steel wool. In addition to this protection, the H2MAX coating is antistatic and waterproof.

Finally, the Pyramex anti-fog treatment has durability in mind, even after several cleanings. The coating glues directly against the lens, offering more resistance while maintaining efficiency and adherence even after numerous uses and cleanings.

H2MAX compared to the competition

Which situation? H2MAX Anti-fog competitor


At 40 cm from the steam nozzle

Anti-fog properties for 1 hour

Anti-fog properties for 2 minutes


Dip the lens in water for 1 hour and then place it above (10 cm) water at 50 °C

Anti-fog properties for 60 seconds

Anti-fog properties for 5 seconds


Rinse with soapy water

Resistant to 10 rinses before fogging

Not resistant to rinses


Rub the inside and outside of the lens with a Pyramex wipe. Then, wait until the lens dries before doing it again.

Resistant to 20 cleanings before fogging

Resistant to 5 cleanings before fogging

Trust the Pyramex H2MAX coating technology as it optimizes the clarity and useful life of your safety glasses. Pyramex offers more than 15 models treated with the H2MAX anti-fog coating, enough to accommodate all types of work and environment.

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