SPI Health and Safety wins the Dwight-Bowhay award

SPI Health and Safety wins the Dwight-Bowhay award

9/29/2015 - SPI

The IOSH Alberta Association presents the Dwight-Bowhay Award to SPI Health and Safety for its contribution at improving workplace health and safety at Weir Seaboard facilities. Find out why we are a Canadian leader in that field.

Blainville, September 15, 2015 – Canadian leader in occupational health and safety products and services, SPI Health and Safety was honoured as the recipient of the Dwight Bowhay Memorial award by the IOSH Alberta Association. The Association’s Executive Council presents this innovation award for all actions taken and improvements designed to increase health and safety in the workplace. This award recognizes the efforts of an individual, process, system or organization.

“Whether they are installing an existing solution or creating a custom-made one, our engineering team sees what others do not,” declares Robert Courteau, President and Chief Executive Officer of SPI Health and Safety Inc. In fact, through one of its mandates with Weir Seaboard, SPI designed a foldable platform dedicated to securing working at heights on wellheads. This structure can be lowered to facilitate transport. It can be installed and dismantled in a short period of time to maximize task efficiency. Its structure is essentially composed of aluminum for lightness. “It is clear to us that innovation is one of our values, and it first requires the expertise of our team. Today, we see the proof of it with this award,” adds Mr. Courteau.

Cam Smith, General Manager at Weir Seaboard, said “The team at Weir Seaboard were very impressed by the creativity demonstrated by SPI in developing the folding wellhead platform and we were pleased to collaborate on this important project”.

The Dwight-Bowhay award was created in honour of Mr. Bowhay, a deeply loved and respected occupational health and safety officer, who passed away suddenly on May 28, 1999 at the early age of 52, while carrying out his duties for the Alberta Human Resources and Employment.

The IOSH Alberta Association (Industrial Occupational Safety & Health) consists of companies engaged in various aspects of industry health and safety management in Alberta. The association was created in the late sixties as a vehicle for sharing information, discussion and possible resolution of occupational health and safety problems in the industry.

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