Covid-19: Update - policies and procedures

Covid-19: Update - policies and procedures


Please note that this page is continually updated to ensure that our policies and procedures comply with current government regulations and decisions.

Returning Merchandise

All returned merchandise (except respiratory masks that cannot be returned) is accepted in store.


As you certainly know, we are faced with increasing demand for respiratory protection equipment, personal protective equipment and disinfecting materials. Some of these products are currently unavailable, but several solutions are implemented by our suppliers to limit the impact on your health and safety.


Please note that all our branches are now open during regular hours. Click here for the list of our locations.

If you have flu-like symptoms, if you have been in contact with a person who is positive, in quarantine or awaiting his or her COVID-10 test results, or if you have traveled out of the country in the last 14 days, we ask that you postpone your in-store travel and place your orders by phone or via our website.

Our website, as well as our Customer Relations Center, are currently the safest ordering methods and to be preferred during these uncertain times. Our website www.spi-s.com also offers a chat tool so you can discuss quickly with one of our health and safety partners.

Opening an Account and Payment

Our team is available to open your account during the pandemic. Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Relations Center for more details.

In the current circumstances, we encourage you to pay using a credit card or electronic transfer. For any questions, please send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 1-855-744-2014.

Product Pricing

The declining Canadian dollar, as well as price adjustments from our suppliers related to the consequences of the COVID-19, may have an impact on the prices of certain of our products. We are inviting you to consult your customer account on our website to stay informed on the most recent updates. Click here to access your customer account or request your login.


We encourage you to use the delivery options available to you to reduce your trips to one of our branches. We offer FREE shipping on orders made through our website of $250+ and free shipping on all other orders of $500+.

Customer Relations Center

Our team of health and safety partners is available via our online chat, by email ([email protected]), or by leaving a message on our general voicemail. If you leave a message on our voicemail, our team will call you back within an hour.


Our new website is available to help make your purchasing experience much easier without having to visit our branches.

Three easy steps:

  1. Inform us of your interest in purchasing via our website by emailing us your customer account number at [email protected] so we can validate the products you wish to purchase and make them available for you online.

  2. Stay tuned as you will be receiving a confirmation email within 24 hours following your order. This email will give you access to your customized web account.

  3. We will confirm the access to your list of products within 5 business days.

From that point, you will gain speed and efficiency in the following tasks:

  • Consult your order history for all your SPI equipment purchases;

  • Save your orders;

  • Manage order approvals;

  • Add users to your account, etc.

Visit and Representation

On-site visits from our representatives have been suspended until further notice, and we are shifting our focus to the technologies. Don’t hesitate to contact them by phone, email, text message, Zoom or any other digital communication tool. This is the preferred method to limit contacts and eliminate the risk of spreading the virus.


Health and safety training at SPI is now available virtually to foster a more responsive and learning-friendly learning environment.

You can also access the services of our consultants directly from the website and sign up for our live sessions.

Consulting Services

Most of our services are ongoing. Contact us at 1-877-544-0911 for more details.

Considering the high demand for our fit testing services, a special team has been appointed and trained to protect you adequately when delivering the service while ensuring their own safety concerning the spread of the COVID-19. Fit tests remain available at certain of our branches or directly at your workplace.

Technical Services

Our team remains available to ensure the compliance of your protective equipment during the pandemic. We can go to your location or you can send your equipment to one of our workshops. Rest assured that our technicians are trained to apply the recommendations of Health Canada, thus reducing the risk of spreading the virus. Communicate with us at 1-877-640-9534 or visit us at spi-s.com/en/ohs-solutions-services/inspection-maintenance-and-certification.

Fire services

Our fire services remain accessible, and our certified experts continue to serve you while taking the necessary measure to ensure your protection and that of our team members. Contact us at 1-877-514-1441 or visit our website at https://www.spi-s.com/en/ohs-solutions-services/fire-protection-services.