A Clear Approach to Safety:  How Abom HEET Revolutionized Fog-free Goggles

A Clear Approach to Safety: How Abom HEET Revolutionized Fog-free Goggles


It’s a scenario that’s all too often encountered on the slopes. Outside, the temperature is cool, crisp, and perfect for shredding. But behind your goggles exists a little terrarium. Cold air on the outside, warm air on the inside—the ideal conditions for condensation and poor visibility.

In fact, such is the story behind Abom’s creation. After a ski day was derailed due to foggy eyewear, a frustrated young man returned to his car, switched on the defroster, and had a little ah-ha moment. “Why can’t my goggles do that?” he thought.

Cut to a few short years later, and Abom HEET was released to not only winter sports enthusiasts but also machinists, welders, miners, rescue workers, and anyone whose profession or hobby prioritizes safety.

Engineered with lenses that meet eye protection standards in both Canada and the US, Abom HEET goes anywhere from the ski hills to the worksite to the far reaches of the earth (seriously, they’re worn on expeditions to the South Pole)!

Let’s take a look at what sets them apart from other so-called anti-fog goggles…

How does Abom HEET work?

Abom HEET differs from traditional anti-fog eyewear. Generally, fog-free goggles are treated with a chemical agent that prevents droplets from forming. The problem is these chemicals wear off over time and can even damage the lens when wiped.

Moreover, to work, the goggles must remain perfectly affixed to your face, even when you’re tumbling around. And not to mention, the effectiveness of these chemicals varies considerably from one product to the next—a fact nearly all skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers and can attest to.

Abom HEET does things differently. Not only are the goggles fog-free; they’re defogging—a distinction worth noting.

Rather than rely on chemical treatments to curb condensation, the design sandwiches a transparent conductive film between inner and outer polycarbonate layers. By electrically heating this film slightly above the dew point, the wearer experiences zero condensation at all times.

Fog-free in seconds

Should the goggles become slightly loose or should weather conditions shift suddenly, the heating element keeps doing its job, eliminating every droplet before it gets the chance to form. You’ll never experience a cloud-up. It’s this technology (not all that different from your car’s) that makes Abom the first-ever 100% fog-free goggle solution on the market.

And to accommodate different activities, Abom HEET offers its users two modes: On-demand and always-on. With on-demand mode, the heating element remains on for 10 minutes before shutting off automatically to conserve battery power. Conversely, always-on mode is precisely just that—it remains on for up to 8 hours (depending on usage) for continuous operation.

The details that make the difference

In addition to its on-demand and always-on modes, Abom HEET comes with a host of convenient features:

  • Micro-USB Charging Port: To charge the goggles, simply plug them into any USB adapter with an included Micro-USB cord. The device’s two built-in lithium-ion batteries power from zero to fully juiced within 3 hours.
  • Single-button operation: Keeping things easy, a single button lets you alternate between the goggles’ two defogging modes.
  • Interchangeable lenses: Abom HEET is available with different rapid-change lenses for various lighting conditions. Quickly swap out your lens with no tools required.
  • Adjustable strap: A fully adjustable strap with outriggers fits any head size or helmet.
  • Environmental sensor: To optimize power conservation, the goggles automatically adjust lens heat to environmental conditions via a sensor.

Pair these features with the design’s lightweight build, thick foam padding, and vast field of view, and nothing’s going to slow you down!

Safety first, always

As we alluded to, Abom HEET is designed not only for sports lovers but also for industrial workers who need to protect against flying and falling debris. To ensure worker safety, all Abom goggles meet and exceed the following standards:

  • ANSI Z87.1+: This US standard establishes performance from flying objects. Specifically, it tests eyewear for High Mass Impact, which involves a 500-gram pointed weight being dropped on the lens from at least four feet away. To pass the test, goggles must show no breakage or weak spots after impact.
  • CSA 94.3: Like the US standard, this Canadian norm assesses the eyewear’s ability to withstand flying objects. It uses a ¼ inch steel ball traveling at 46.5 m/second (152 ft/sec). Again, goggles must show no damage or weak spots to pass the test.

And beyond exceeding impact standards, Abom HEET also goes the extra mile to protect against glare and ensure the clearest vision possible. The goggles are available in grey, yellow, amber, and rose/red lens tints for the full spectrum of conditions.

Additionally, to accommodate weather conditions that change rapidly, Abom HEET is available with two photochromatic lenses in atomic orange (changes from an orange to a grey tint) and crystal ice (changes from clear to a grey tint).

Breakthrough technology that ensures you never slow down

What started as a simple exercise to ensure visibility on the slopes evolved into a safety-first solution that enhances performance for all sports and industrial work activities. See for yourself the difference they make.

See for yourself! Get the Abom HEET goggle and the 2 lens kit.