PunchOut :

Discover a simple method to get your personal protective equipment (PPE)

Do you want to purchase personal protective equipment your company needs but would like an easy and efficient process? Tired of the many steps when ordering and the time lost doing it? Would you like an easy and direct link between our online catalogue and your e-procurement system? We have the solution!

SPI Health and Safety presents PunchOut.


What is PunchOut?

It is a digital platform linking your electronic procurement system to an SPI Health and Safety online shopping platform customized for you.

PunchOut installs our product catalogue in your electronic procurement system to simplify the process. This way, you will be able to order without leaving your system or entering each order manually. This process will help become more effective but also gain precious time.

Why PunchOut?

Increase your productivity and reduce greatly the time of the process

Personalized monitoring of your online orders

Reduce the possibility of errors

Reduce the administrative costs of procurement

According to the PunchOut2Go figures in the United States, at least 32 million work hours are
wasted each year due to the inefficiency of traditional procurement.

Still not convinced?

Here are additional reasons to integrate PunchOut into your electronic procurement system:

  • Automation of the procurement process
  • Customized choice of products according to your organization’s needs
  • Personalized price according to your contract
  • Access to your transaction history
  • Associate expenses according to the various departments within your organization
  • Increase the precision of the orders placed
  • Automated invoicing
  • 24/7 availability

How does PunchOut work?

The buyer logs in their electronic procurement system and selects the vendor’s logo and “PunchOut” to the vendor’s online catalogue

The buyer is authenticated on the website to see the associated product offering and contract prices

Shop, add items to the cart and transfer the cart to your internal procurement system

The order request is created and sent to the procurement system for approval

How to install SPI PunchOut?

Does your company already use an online procurement system? On our end, we already have the dedicated ressources for PunchOut integration. Therefore, it is easy to integrate PunchOut with us! To learn more about the PunchOut integration process with SPI, fill out the form or send us an email, and one of our representatives will be pleased to take care of your request.

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