Microfiber Technology for Enhanced Hand Protection

Microfiber Technology for Enhanced Hand Protection


Microfiber is a material that we hear about very often since it is used in many different products, including:

  • Hats
  • Knit
  • weaves for apparel
  • industrial filters
  • cleaning products
  • And much more!

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric constructed of extremely small fibers or threads. Typically made from polyesters, polyamides, or a combination, the shape and size of synthetic fibers are selected to offer precise qualities, such as:

  • Softness
  • Absorption
  • Water-resistance
  • Durability


  • Made of 0.52 deniers, microfiber is a man-made synthetic fiber
  • One microfiber can be the diameter of 1/20 of a single strand of silk
  • It has natural wicking abilities that filter away any sweat or humidity
  • It can absorb bacteria and germs
  • It can easily hold 6 times its weight in water
  • It is completely shrink-resistant
  • It offers a very soft, luxurious, silken touch
  • It is extremely strong despite its superfine filaments
  • It contains hypoallergenic properties which help prevent problems for those suffering from allergies
  • World-class athletes often opt for a microfiber fabric to improve their comfort and performance as it provides high capabilities of sweat absorption while avoiding irritation


Workers need maximum grip and enhanced comfort while they perform tasks that call for high-protection, durability, and dry hands. For professionals who work in industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, it is necessary to have gloves that offer optimal dexterity, high-abrasion performance, and comfort.

SHOWA, an innovative protective gloves manufacturer, engineered its own microfiber yarn to improve the efficiency of their new gloves. Adding microfiber technology to their gloves prevents sweaty hands and offers a premium combination of comfort and fingertip sensitivity. This is ideal for precision handling and assembly tasks in dry or oily conditions.

The SHOWA 381 glove features an embossed pattern on its microporous foamed nitrile palm coating that wicks oils and grease away efficiently. The microfiber yarn liner offers an abrasion resistance of level 4 and boosts vapor permeation significantly to leave your hands dry and comfortable.