Each year, SPI organizes several FREE events such as:

  • Lunch and Learn – Lunch Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Think Prevention Roadshow

The purpose of these events is to educate workers and employers, and have them reflect on the importance and benefits of good corporate health and safety management. Our specialists will inform you about industry news, such as new standards or even revisions, new innovative product technologies, training based on available applications and more.

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Here is the schedule of our events for 2022: Coming soon!

"The mission of these events is to educate and raise awareness among workers and employers in order to encourage reflection on the importance and benefits of sound health and safety management in the workplace."

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Learn new OSH concepts in the comfort of your home or in practice at your workplace? An interactive and dynamic way to find answers to your questions.


We offer a whole range of training in several areas of health and safety! Virtually or on site, we have the training for you.

On Site

Moving is not an option? No problem! SPI travels to your company to train your employees on the health and safety topics that interest you.

Upcoming Webinars


November 23, 2022

Webinar: Objects can fall too!

Working at heights also means sharing the risks with people in our environment. When you work at heights, you bring your tools with you and they can also cause harm to the safety of others. To avoid having them fall and potentially cause injury, make sure you are aware of the risks and solutions available to you with 3M!

Would you like to discuss a subject that is not planned?