Aluminized Products: The Perfect Protection Against Heat

Aluminized Products: The Perfect Protection Against Heat


Do you work with flammable products, molten metal, fire, or in an environment where intense heat can cause a risk of burns or injury? Aluminized protective clothing provides effective protection against extreme heat.

Since 1954, Natpro, a manufacturer of industrial protective clothing, has been offering a wide range of industrial heat and fire protective clothing, all made entirely in Quebec.

When it comes to choosing the right protection, two materials stand out:

Aluminized Kevlar

Designed by DuPont, Kevlar is an extremely strong synthetic fiber. In addition to being flexible, lightweight, and heat-resistant, Kevlar offers increased protection in many industries.

The flexibility and lightness of aluminized Kevlar make it a material of choice for the manufacture of protective clothing used in extreme heat conditions. These guarantee excellent resistance to heat, but also radiation, and splashes of molten metal.

Kevlar also has a very low thermal conductivity. It is naturally flame resistant and will withstand temperatures up to approximately 800°F.


Polybenzimidazole, better known as PBI, is often considered the best protection against heat and flame. PBI fibers have been used by fire departments for more than 30 years.

Aluminized PBI has properties similar to those of aluminized Kevlar. However, it is more flexible and lighter, allowing workers to move more precisely. PBI also resists even higher radiant heat up to 1,000°F.

Choosing the right equipment

It is important to make the right choice to adequately protect yourself against heat-related hazards. The lightness and flexibility of aluminized Kevlar and PBI, combined with the high quality of Natpro's garments, ensure comfort and protection for workers facing situations of intense heat.

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