Reliable Safety Equipment for Hard-Working Women

Reliable Safety Equipment for Hard-Working Women


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential to protect workers from workplace hazards. However, for many years, PPE has been designed and manufactured with the male body in mind, often resulting in ill-fitting and uncomfortable equipment for female workers.

This has become more important in recent years as more women enter traditionally male-dominated industries, highlighting the need for PPE that fits and protects them adequately.

Kosto takes the issue of inclusion to heart and recently launched its new line of women’s protective clothing, Ellika. This Kosto exclusive category offers all women working in potentially dangerous environments the power to properly equip themselves.

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The new line of protective clothing for women: Ellika

The impacts of unsuitable protection

One of the most common problems with women’s PPE is that the female body is usually shaped differently than the male body, with narrower shoulders, shorter arms and a smaller waist-to-hip ratio.

Therefore, it can be challenging to find PPE that fits properly, despite many trials and home modifications. Improperly adjusted PPE can be uncomfortable and cause chafing, leading to distraction, discomfort and even injury over time.

In some cases, ill-fitting PPE can even compromise protection, making the worker more vulnerable to the hazards of her work environment.

Another issue with women’s PPE is the lack of available options. Many types of equipment, such as hard hats, safety glasses, and steel-toed boots, are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach that often does not fit women’s predominantly smaller frames. This problem often results in equipment that is too loose, which can be a danger to oneself or too tight, leading to discomfort and decreased mobility.

Protective clothing can prevent injuries in many specific areas where women have few or no options. Kosto is strongly committed to changing this plight and enabling women in the field to achieve the same safety as men.

Invest in safety

Appropriate protective equipment is not just a matter of comfort. It is a critical component of workplace safety. Employers have a legal and ethical responsibility to provide PPE that fits and protects all workers, regardless of gender.

Failure to do so can result in workplace injuries, lost productivity and even legal liability.

Another great way to invest in the safety of your workers is to implement an efficient OHS culture. If you’re interested in this topic, we have a guide just for you!

Kosto takes up more space in the market

More and more women are entering traditionally male-dominated industries, and there is a greater need than ever to provide them with PPE that suits and protects them adequately.

Kosto aims to expand its offering through the Ellika brand in the near future to quickly meet the OHS needs of women across the country.

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Ellika's women's work coverall provides a perfect fit, optimal mobility and protection worthy of Kosto.

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