Kosto - Canadian Leader

Kosto - Canadian Leader


Kosto, a brand of SPI Health and Safety, has been committed to the safety of Canadian workers for over 20 years. This Canadian-owned brand has carved a niche for itself by offering high-quality, innovative personal protective equipment (PPE) designed specifically for the needs of the Canadian workforce.

A Legacy of Safety

Kosto's story began in 2004, with a dedication to providing local workers with quality PPE that met the highest standards without breaking the bank. 

By collaborating with renowned manufacturers and leveraging the expertise of SPI Health and Safety, Kosto was able to offer a cost-effective alternative to existing PPE brands. This focus on affordability, coupled with a commitment to quality, has been a key driver of their success.

Innovation at the Core

The Kosto team of experts, backed by the resources and expertise of SPI Health and Safety, continuously develops and tests new products to meet the ever-changing needs of the Canadian workforce.

That's why they prioritize innovation, constantly developing and testing new products to address these challenges. This commitment to innovation is evident in their extensive product line, which covers a wide range of industries and hazards.

Head-to-Toe Protection

Kosto offers a comprehensive selection of PPE, ensuring workers are protected from head to toe. Their product line includes:

  • Hand Protection: Gloves specifically designed for various tasks such as chemical handling, cut and puncture resistance, and extreme temperatures.
  • Eye and Face Protection: Safety glasses and goggles to safeguard against flying debris, splashes, and harmful UV rays.
  • Head Protection: Hard hats for construction sites and other high-risk environments.
  • Hi-Visibility Clothing: Reflective vests, jackets, and clothing to ensure worker visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Fall Protection: Harnesses, lanyards, and other gear to prevent falls from heights.
  • Foot protection: Boots certified and tested to Canadian standards.

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A Partnership for Enhanced Safety

Kosto goes beyond just providing PPE. They foster a partnership with their customers to ensure optimal worker safety. They achieve this through two key initiatives:

  • Always Listening: Kosto prioritizes open communication with its customers. The brand actively listens to worker feedback and safety concerns to understand the evolving needs of the Canadian workforce. This feedback is then used to continuously improve their existing product line and identify areas for new product development.
  • Kostom Program: Custom Solutions Kosto recognizes that some workplaces have unique safety challenges that might not be addressed by standard PPE options. Through their innovative Kostom program, they offer custom-made PPE solutions. 

This program allows companies to collaborate with Kosto's team of experts to design and develop PPE specifically tailored to their specific needs and working environment. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal protection for workers facing unconventional hazards.

Kosto recognizes the unique needs and challenges of the Canadian workforce. They factor in Canadian weather conditions, safety regulations, and industry trends when developing their products. 

This focus on Canadian-specific needs ensures that Kosto offers PPE that is not only effective but also comfortable and practical for workers in various environments.

A Bright Future for Worker Safety

Kosto's commitment to innovation, affordability, and Canadian-specific solutions has positioned them as a leader in worker safety. With their dedication to constantly evolving their product line and educational resources, Kosto is well-positioned to continue keeping Canadians safe for years to come. 

As technology and safety standards continue to evolve, we can expect Kosto to be at the forefront, developing cutting-edge PPE solutions that prioritize the well-being of the Canadian workforce.

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