Kosto launches a new flame-resistant underwear

Kosto launches a new flame-resistant underwear

2/1/2019 - SPI

Stay warm and safe with this flame-resistant underwear by Kosto. The comfortable T-shirt and bottoms are made of a modacrylic and cotton inherent fabric blend. The Nomex waistband provides great comfort and the bottom legs slide easily inside boots. The long sleeve T-shirt with crewneck and knit wrists are ideal as an upper-body underlayer and can be worn under any shirt, sweater or coverall.

First and foremost flame-resistant, safe and compliant with CAN/CGSB 155.20 standard for flame-resistant garment, it is ideally suited to be worn under flame-resistant clothing to increase the level of protection.

But why wear flame-resistant underwear under flame-resistant garments?

In fact, even if the garment is flame-resistant, when in contact with a fuel source, the risk of burn, although existent, is minimal due to the fabric fireproof properties. With this type of underwear, the worker’s safety is increased with another fire barrier. Non-fireproof underwear continues to burn until the flammable materials are extinguished, even if the fuel source is no longer on the garment, causing burns where the fabric touches the body. Flame-resistant clothing prevents flame dispersion and extinguishes automatically, almost immediately when the fuel source is removed.

Propose Kosto flame-resistant underwear to your customers when they work in environments with risks of combustion. Offer them improved protection!

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