Royer: At the Service of Workers

Royer: At the Service of Workers


If any company can boast that its personality is very similar to that of the workers it serves, it’s Royer. Through the years, this organization whose roots are proudly anchored in Quebec has proven itself to be fierce, driven, ingenious and innovative. Today, Royer is opening a brand-new chapter in its history by inaugurating a new production plant in Sherbrooke.

Louis-Philippe Royer founded the company in Lac-Drolet in the Eastern Townships in 1934 during the Great Depression. The village shoemaker and resourceful inventor made the important decision to go into business by assembling his boots and going door to door to sell them. Unfortunately, with the start of the war, leather was no longer easily accessible. Far from being discouraged, Louis-Philippe Royer rolled up his sleeves and decided to continue the adventure by building his tannery to produce leather for his boots, showing courage and determination.

Taking giant steps

Over the years, the entrepreneurial and intrepid soul of Louis-Philippe Royer has been passed on from generation (Henri) to generation (Yves).

The company benefited from major automation and marketing advances to become a true leader in the safety boot industry. Royer is proud of protecting workers in various lines of business, such as forestry, public safety, military, construction and many more.

Today, Royer sells its products in more than 15 countries around the world. No less than 84% of the 256 models of Royer boots are made or assembled right here in Canada.

In addition to being known for the design and selling of workers’ safety boots, the company opened its market over the last few years and now offers models to the general public.

A new era, a new plant

The Lac-Drolet factory having reached its maximum capacity, Royer took the audacious decision to open a second production plant in Sherbrooke. This new location is equipped with ultra-sophisticated machinery that makes it possible to produce even lighter, more flexible and durable boots.

According to Patrick Gaudreau, Marketing Director, with its state-of-the-art equipment, the new factory allows Royer to have the same rubber injection system as the world's largest players in the shoe industry. “We will eventually be able to customize each boot.”

To ensure the smooth running of its new Sherbrooke plant, the company administrators decided to hire a dozen people with learning challenges and functional limitations. This unique initiative, made in collaboration with Défi Polyteck positions Royer as a pioneer in the hiring of such a cohort.

Tenacity, respect and perseverance

The company believes in its three core values, and is dedicated to doing the right thing, doing it well, and working extra hard to reach new heights. “We are survivors of the Canadian footwear industry. Royer is determined to show the world that the best boots can be manufactured here, in North America,” said Simon La Rochelle, President and CEO of the company.

Royer is an authentic Canadian brand that’s here for the right reasons. It pays tribute to people who have worked hard, often behind the scenes. It has the highest respect for all professions and the everyday heroes. The company broaches sensitive issues that speak to workers as they share the same values and that’s why Royer has such a loyal customer base.

For SPI, it warms our heart to know that we can offer our customers and partners products from a Canadian company that is dedicated to its community. They offer products that are safe and that are of impeccable quality. Their boots protect and shield the feet of workers from harsh conditions and temperatures.

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