OHS Product

  • SPI5/7/2024

    4 Tips on Implementing a Vendor Managed Inventory

    Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way or a more efficient approach to managing your inventory?

    Perhaps this question has crossed your mind in the past... Either when you were reordering an item you had purchased or when you realized that you had too much inventory sitting around in your warehouse for a while.

  • SPI4/12/2024

    Natpro - Co-Creation Solution

    No matter where on the body that needs to be protected, no compromise should be made on the product's ability to cope with the daily risks of your work.

  • SPI4/4/2024

    Big Bill: Westex Fire Resistance 🔥

    Big Bill, a local company, has specialized for over 75 years in workwear, especially in flame-resistant garments. Recognized for its commitment to quality, durability, and safety, Big Bill is proud to offer products made in Quebec from top-quality fabrics and materials.

  • SPI12/10/2023

    The F70 Series: Comfort and Protection Against Electric Arcs

    Regardless of the location or job type, workers’ safety is Kosto’s top priority. For that reason, the brand is proud to launch its brand-new collection of electric arc clothing: the F70 Series.

  • SPI10/5/2023

    Tyvek, a Material with Endless Possibilities

    Tyvek is a product designed and developed by DuPont. It is a bonded material made from high-density polyethylene fibers. The fibers are compressed by a thermal process. This results in a more resistant product than paper, and a more affordable and versatile solution than fabric.

  • SPI8/9/2023

    Is my high-visibility gear visible enough?

    Choosing your safety jacket based on what’s at hand is a thing of the past, and the new safety standards explain how to determine what’s best for you.

  • SPI3/8/2023

    Workwear that adapts to the weather

    Constant temperature changes mean you need to find the right outdoor workwear that will keep you comfortable throughout your workday.

  • SPI2/2/2023

    Reliable Safety Equipment for Hard-Working Women

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential to protect workers from workplace hazards. However, for many years, PPE has been designed and manufactured with the male body in mind, often resulting in ill-fitting and uncomfortable equipment for female workers.

  • SPI5/16/2022

    Kosto Summer Clothing: No More Sweaty Clothes in the Heat!

    Working in the summer is enjoyable because our clothes are lighter and fewer. It’s also worth mentioning that summer clothing allows us to move more freely and perform more precise tasks.

  • SPI11/5/2021

    Forestry workers: are you wearing the right protective pants?

    According to the International Labour Office, forestry remains one of the most dangerous industrial sectors. Worldwide, we often see depressing trends regarding the increase of the accident rate among forestry workers. It’s the reason why these jobs are protected by laws and obligations in terms of prevention, personal protective equipment and signage, including chain saw protective pants.

  • kosto

    How to choose the right waterproof work garment? We have the answers you are looking for!

    Working in changing temperatures can be difficult. For example, in the fall, the warm summer weather gives way to the cold and rain. Therefore, workers must adapt and wear work clothing capable of withstanding these new temperatures.

  • SPI9/3/2021

    Royer work boots: adapted to each industry

    Is it time to get new work boots? Choosing the right model may be more difficult than expected.

    The features, technologies, and choices available on the market add to the list of things to consider, including the characteristics of your work environment, your employer's requirements, and your preferences.