Keeping employees connected

Keeping employees connected

It’s no secret that we are connected in our modern world. Quick connectivity, cloud data storage and smart devices are part of our reality in our personal and professional lives.

Therefore, why does your workers’ safety program not take full advantage of this connectivity?

For MSA, no doubt that the future of employee safety depends on cloud data storage and connectivity. Here are five ways in which the cloud improves and strengthens protection in the workplace.

1. Create a safety culture

Data shows that employee engagement and awareness are key indicators of good OHS results. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an organization has discovered that “engaged employees, compared to non-engaged employees, are at least five times less likely to suffer a work accident, and at least seven times less likely to suffer a work accident with loss time”.

Providing workers with the necessary tools to observe, communicate and implement measures promotes accountability. The data gathered by gas detectors connected to the cloud allows:

  • The OHS managers to use this information to develop targeted training courses.
  • The risk assessment teams to pinpoint potential hazards and the probability of incidents in the workplace.
  • The site managers to identify the causes of behaviours as well as their impacts on operations.

2. Centralize data to improve efficiency

Partitioned departments within organizations are a thing of the past. Instead, teams must have access to data and each other.

As mentioned above, all employees are now connected and interconnected. That’s why different teams must have access to data and other team members. An open work environment with integrated connectivity can support operational efficiency in many ways.

For example, connecting your portable gas detectors to the MSA Grid software improves health and safety management. This helps managers reduce the time dedicated to administrative tasks, such as:

  • Collect and record data from devices
  • Create accident reports
  • Record data for compliance purposes

While improving efficiency in the following areas:

  • Data evaluation
  • Sound decision-making
  • Equipment fleet management and maintenance

3. Improve performance with a comprehensive vision

The cloud improves the administrative efficiency of OHS and operations performance. An excellent example is how workers prepare for a specific task.

The MSA Grid software identifies when equipment needs to be maintained. It allows managers to use the information to develop proactive maintenance plans. This reduces the risk of workers not using the right equipment for a specific task or having devices that are not correctly calibrated.

4. Provide quick answers with real-time data

Time is of the essence when it comes to gas detection. Each additional second required to respond to an emergency increases the risk of an accident.

When using connected, portable gas detectors, OHS managers receive notifications for the following:

  • Pressure applied on the panic button
  • Motion alerts if a user becomes immobile
  • Device malfunction/problems

Real-time data helps managers to launch individual or collective evacuations quickly. The MSA Grid software uses satellite photos and street views to indicate employees’ location and movements. It allows a rapid and accurate response.

Therefore, managers can use this information to support rescue teams and find workers.

5. Strengthen health and safety awareness by reducing delays

Constant access to cloud data helps OHS managers better learn and react in case of incidents. Also, they can analyze the obtained information without waiting for reports or meetings on that topic.

They can access data at any time from their device connected to the internet.

The manager can quickly take advantage of this data and information to create training courses on site. In addition, the data about near-misses allow managers to follow up on workers while the situation is still fresh in their minds.

Increase the efficiency of your OHS staff

The combination of portable gas detectors and the MSA Grid software improves your OHS staff’s response efficiency and timeliness. Then, they will proactively manage the safety elements of your gas detection program based on real-time data.

The Grid-connected software offered with MSA+ is a subscription program. Therefore, you can choose the software option that best suits your health and safety program without spending vast sums of money. In addition, Grid offers an extended warranty and automatic software updates.