Vendor Managed Inventory

Are you looking for a way to ensure that your team has all the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialized equipment available to them when they need it most?

Let us introduce you to our inventory management system: SafeStock.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service is a proven approach to simpler inventory management and order fulfillment.

Our teams of experts cater to a solution tailored to your needs to ensure that your team meets your occupational health and safety goals without a hitch. 

Take care of your operations. We take care of your employees' safety.

Our technology

We offer a variety of systems to automate your inventory management process. Whether you need controlled access to durable items or need 24/7 availability to key personal protective equipment or specialized tools, our different VMI tools help you manage and track your stock.


Our VMI or collaborative replenishment programs enables you to:

  • Improve your team’s work by having the right equipment on hand, available 24/7
  • Reduce stockouts, without overstocking or carrying excess safety stock 
  • Increase inventory turns and cut carrying costs of inventory
  • Cut purchasing administration costs
  • Improve control over inventory and visibility over usage
  • Ensure compliance. No need to worry about annual certification and visual inspection of your items; we got you covered.

Our promise to you

SafeStock offers you a complete overview of your inventory, improved tracking, and easier compliance. Rely on our expertise and experience to create a custom solution that lets you focus on important things.

Two options are available to you:

  • Rental
  • Loan

In both cases, each SPI Health and Safety VMI service will meet your requirements and your industry’s particularities to save you time and money.

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Discover the SafeStock Portal Solution

The SafeStock portal facilitates the procurement and management of safety equipment for your employees. In other words, this portal ensures that your employees always have access to the equipment assigned to them according to their department, tasks and restrictions.

How the SafeStock portal works

The portal enables you to create product catalogues tailored to the protection needs of your teams, taking into account their diverse realities. Therefore, employees from different departments will have distinct product catalogues to offer them better-adapted protection.

Restrictions ⚠

Employees have access only to products approved by their supervisor. Other restrictions may also apply:

  • Quantity limits (e.g., 5 pairs of pants, 10 sweaters, 1 pair of boots, etc.)
  • Budget limitation (e.g., $1,000 per year)
  • Approval or refusal by a supervisor

Each employee has access to the portal and sees its associated products. Employees are thus autonomous in ordering their protective equipment.

What are my advantages?

Using the SafeStock portal has many advantages for you and your employees regarding time, autonomy and security:

  • Greater autonomy for your employees.
  • Create specialized catalogues according to job type.
  • Reduce time spent managing employee orders.
  • Reduced risk of accidents thanks to personalized catalogues.
  • Ensures traceability and employee consumption history.
  • Prevents order processing errors.
  • Facilitates your company’s standardization projects.
  • Application of personalized and pre-established restrictions.

Bonus ✅

Portal orders are routed directly to SPI’s management system, speeding up order processing.


To learn more about the SafeStock portal or request access, our specialists will happily answer your questions!

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