• SPI6/1/2024

    Caution! Roadwork ahead

    Like every spring and summer, work is underway on our roads. During the vacation season, travel will increase, and consequently, the risk of accidents will rise due to the higher traffic flow. 

  • SPI4/8/2024

    Kosto - Canadian Leader

    Kosto, a Canadian leader in innovative and affordable personal protective equipment (PPE), has been dedicated to worker safety since 2004.

  • SPI12/12/2023

    The Kosto Winter Difference

    Canadian winters can be hard on workers. That’s why it is essential to wear the proper winter protective clothing! However, you must first select winter-ready workwear for our climate. And Kosto understands your situation!

  • SPI11/10/2023

    The key to working in the cold: the right warm workwear

    When performing tasks in very cold temperatures, there can be significant impacts on workers’ health, and to be honest, it can even affect their productivity. To don the proper equipment is not only a question of comfort when working but is also about reducing the risks of work accidents.

  • SPI10/16/2023

    The 4 Benefits Of A Layering System For The Winter Season

    As winter approaches, workers are gearing up to face the challenges of cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Staying warm and comfortable while working outdoors during winter isn't just a matter of comfort; it's essential for safety and productivity.

  • SPI6/29/2023

    Road Workers: Here's How to Ensure Your Safety

    Road workers in Canada face many risks and hazards when performing their tasks. Their safety must be a top priority, from heavy machinery to unpredictable traffic. 

  • SPI6/9/2023

    The Dark Side of the Forest; Natpro Protects You

    Forestry work can be a rewarding and fulfilling career, but it also comes with its own set of risks and hazards.   Protecting yourself appropriately is one of the most critical aspects of working in the forestry industry. 

  • SPI6/6/2022

    Beware of heat stroke!

    Now that summer is here, heat stroke (when the body temperature rises above 40°C) occurs--sometimes insidiously--in poorly air-conditioned work environments or outside. It can be misleading because the symptoms (dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headaches) are interpreted as harmless, but in reality, they can intensify, causing irreparable damages and even death. Are you working in intense heat conditions? Don’t lose your cool and follow these 3 useful tips to avoid the worst!

  • SPI6/22/2016

    Stay cool this summer with our cooling headbands!

    Keep your cool this summer with our cooling headbands! Designed for construction workers, landscapers, farmers and all those who must work in high temperatures, our cooling headbands and bandanas will keep you cool for hours!

  • SPI6/29/2015

    Heatstroke: more than just the temperature!

    Heat can be unforgiving. The work is strenuous, the heat wave is at its peak and suddenly, the body cannot cool itself anymore. It struggles to maintain a body temperature around 37-degree Celsius, its usual and ideal temperature. If nothing is done and the body temperature exceeds 40 degrees, you will suffer from heatstroke. In some cases, it can even be fatal.

  • SPI7/2/2014

    3 measures to prevent heatstrokes

    Is your organization specialized in outdoor work? Your employees will need to deal with the heat during the next few months. In demanding conditions, be careful of heatstrokes!