Inspection, maintenance and certification

Our technical services bring you the support of certified technicians for the maintenance, inspection, and certification of your equipment, in your company or at one of our branches.

Two options are available to you:

  • The mobile workshop service (SAM)
  • Our in-store facilities

In both cases, certified technicians will work on your equipment according to the manufacturers’ standards and the applicable standards.

Fall protection services

Our services

Fall Protection:

  • Competent inspector of personal protective equipment
  • Recertification and repair of self-retracting lifelines

Breathing Air:

  • Flow testing of SCBA packs (NFPA and industrial)
  • Filtration panel calibration
  • Air sample testing
  • Breathing air compressor maintenance/repair and commissioning

Gas Detection:

  • Calibration and repair of portable units
  • Calibration and sensor replacement of fixed units
  • Recurring compliance programs

Why SAM ?

Reduction of equipment downtime

Reduced downtime

Minor repairs performed (if necessary) in conjunction with annual certifications

Automatic recall notification
for the following maintenances

Did you know?

Certification frequency

Fall protection

  • Annually, unless the equipment has been damaged. If the equipment has been dropped or damaged, certification must be carried out immediately.

Respiratory protection

  • Annually: self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • Semi-annually: breathing air compressors, filtration panels and calibration of gas detectors

Focus on what is important. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our trained and certified technicians ensure that your safety equipment is always in perfect condition and complies with all applicable legislation, codes, and standards to give you peace of mind.

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You can count on us to ensure the safety of your workers and maximize their productivity. Our team offers you a personalized service adapted to your reality and your OHS issues.

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