SPI Health and Safety partners with the Threads of Life association

SPI Health and Safety partners with the Threads of Life association

4/12/2018 - SPI

A new partnership between SPI Health and Safety and Threads of Life will help bring healing to families struggling with the effects of workplace tragedy, and help to build safer workplaces right across the country.

SPI is the newest national sponsor for Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy. Held across Canada each spring, Steps for Life events raise awareness about the importance of occupational health and safety, and provide support for people affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease.

SPI’s commitment means more families will have access to Threads of Life’s programs and services, which help them to heal and develop healthy coping skills to deal with the devastating changes brought by workplace tragedy.

Threads of Life is a national charity which provides hope and healing to families after a work-related tragedy. The two organizations share a vision of a world in which life matters most and workplace tragedies are eliminated.

 “Our mission is to be the single most valuable partner for companies that value health and safety in their work environment. We see partnership with Threads of Life as one more way to build a nation-wide culture in which workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses are unacceptable.” said SPI President Martin Tremblay.

Founded in 1972, SPI Health and Safety is a Canadian leader in occupational health and safety products and services. SPI offers both complete and specialized solutions, which encompass product distribution, fire protection services, technical services and consulting and training.

For more information:
Susan Haldane, Manager Communications and Marketing, Threads of Life
shaldane@threadsoflife.ca 1-888-567-9490